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earth, nature, What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth?

January 20, 2020
What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth?
What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth?
spiritual info.
      There are 7.6 billion people on earth. Don't you think that all people are lost in maintaining nature despite all the people? We are one of them. Is It Possible by One? Every day we see so many people in different places. But most of them are strangers. The tragedy of human history is that even strangers nowadays become strangers. Whenever it comes to nature conservation, we speak of nature as rape, insecurity, etc. Is there no human need on earth then? If so how is it? What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth? That is a problem.

      Many disasters are caused by the disappearance of humans on Earth. Most importantly, vehicles, such as aircraft, trains, etc., all crashed or crashed out of their seats without drivers.
      Power cuts across the entire globe within an hour of humans disappearing. Because the current coal, air, and water-based power system is under human supervision. So if the humans disappear, the supply without the management system will stall.

      All nuclear reactors shut down the next day when humans disappear. This is because all computers without an operator to shut them down shut down. So even the short nuclear power that was there would be cut off. Roads are biko without people. Pets and animals in the museum die without food. Wild animal predation is on the rise. Ten days after humans disappear, the security of nuclear power plants fails. Radiations are released. Wildlife in the area die from radiation. Some pests dominate. In the shops and malls, the rat, footwear expands the empire. Within a few years, all of the cities have been transformed into natural theme parks. Everywhere trees look like heaps of leaf, flower and trash. The wooden tombs on the sides of the road are very stretched. All the satellites we send into space cease collecting data after thirty years without maintenance. In the space, the rattlesnakes move like a rattle. Houses and skyscrapers collapse. All coastal cities are submerged in the sea. All of the ships fall into the ocean floor. Convert to new mounds. Global warming will continue for 40 years despite our absence. Earth's temperature rises to 1.1 Fahrenheit. Yet there are no changes in the environment. After 60 years the number of fish in the sea will increase. After 150 years all the habitable areas will turn into forests. Buildings in Vancouver's icy areas have been transformed into a skeleton. Desert cities like Las Vegas look like giant sand castles.
     After 230 years the vegetation on the earth will increase. Huge forests are being built. All man-made landmarks on earth are gradually destroyed. Only certain metals, such as plastic and iron, are evidence of human existence.

      After 500 years, all the forests are rich in 10,000 years of health. The natural environment eventually succeeds in erasing all traces of humanity. Plastic objects that are the epitome of our existence still remain intact after 25,000 years. Tell us now, at least 7.6 billion, should we be one? It takes more than 25,000 years to disguise the fact that humans were on Earth. So let's live in a way that does not pose any threat to the earth for years to come.
      Humans on Earth can suddenly be concealed only by weapons of mass disease, famine, weather and mass destruction. It is only after human extinction that the shackles of caste and religion can be wiped out of the earth. With the advancement of science and technology, human life has gained momentum, with no benefit to the remaining biomass.

R.B. Gurubasavaraja
earth, nature, What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth? earth, nature, What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth? Reviewed by Tejaraj K on January 20, 2020 Rating: 5

meditation, the brain and extreme calming, mindfulness meditation.

January 19, 2020
meditation, the brain and extreme calming, mindfulness meditation.
meditation, the brain and extreme calming, mindfulness meditation.

     Modern science is slowly proving the ancient yoga teachings that Mindful Meditation & Yoga generate vitality, well-being, wisdom, happiness and extreme calm, to be true.
      Thousands of years ago, yogis taught that each human being can evolve their behaviour, intelligence and the health of the body. To do this they must learn to upgrade their responses from negative, to positive and that meditation is the way to do it. Nothing has changed. Meditation is still the simple, gentle way to upgrade ones mind. All meditation is mindful ... if it isn't, then it isn't meditation!
     Science has identified chemicals and areas of the brain which are related to well-being and happiness - and they have shown that meditation and extreme calm supports the functioning of these chemicals and brain areas.
The name for the process of extreme calm that meditation causes, is telencephalisation.
Yogis taught that natural breathing, stillness and mudras help to achieve telencephalisation.See meditation at end of this article.
      It takes approximately 8 - 12 minutes to shift from primitive brain to higher brain functioning. One then stays a minimum another 10 minutes to help establish the pattern for higher brain functioning.

      Natural breathing, stillness and mudras are part of the easy, natural meditative process which leads into the state of meditation. The technique is to put the breath under surveillance whilst lying down or sitting in complete stillness.
       During mindful breath awareness e.g. in the chest, or nostrils, navel, abdomen, brain, the heart chakra, in any one place, the breath will express in many different ways as it goes through its process. Some of the changes and expressions you can expect to experience temporarily in the breath during this meditation, are deep breathing, shallow, rhythmic, arhythmic and erratic breath, gasping, etc, etc, until, eventually, the breath settles into a soothing rhythm.

      When the rhythmic breath is established in an unchanging soothing rhythm, the process of telencephalisation has been completed. Functioning is now coming from the higher brain.

     Remaining focused, simply observing in this way, is known as mindfulness meditation. Start with 3 minutes and the attitude of self-development. Each week or fortnight increase by one minute, until you are up to 30 minutes.
15-30 minutes of extreme calm will allow:

  • the entire cellular body to be soothed and settled into higher functioning.
  • the hypothalamus to recognise there is no danger present and the amygdala to switch off, generating relaxation
  • feel good chemicals to be released e.g. seratonin, oxytocin, endorphins.
  • the precuneus to thicken as feelings of happiness are generated & prevail.
  • the insula to activate greater self-awareness
  • the mind to think clearly with energy & tranquillity. 

       Simple, Mindful Breath Meditation

  1. Sit on the floor or on a chair, as comfortably as possible. No straining.
  2. Eyes and mouth gently closed, hands softly relaxed on the knees. Shoulders softly relaxing down through the arms. Feet flat on the floor.
  3. Become still, and, despite any urges to move, remain still for a minimum of three minutes on your first attempt.
  4. Focus your awareness inside the nostrils and become aware of how the breath feels there, coming in and out, on the lining of the nostrils.
  5. Over time, slow the breath down. Feel the texture of the slow breath on the lining of the nostrils - from the entrance to the nostrils right up to the bridge of the nose.
  6. Continue doing this for as long as you can manage - or until the breath becomes rhythmic. Each breath should be of interest to you. The breath changes often during the meditation until it settles into a rhythm.
  7. When the breath is clearly established in a rhythm, and feels easy and extremely calm ... then telencephalisation has occured.
  8. Try to stay there for another five minutes to prolong telencephalisation.
meditation, the brain and extreme calming, mindfulness meditation. meditation, the brain and extreme calming, mindfulness meditation. Reviewed by Tejaraj K on January 19, 2020 Rating: 5

nadi shodhana pranayama stages, step 1

January 18, 2020
      Nadi shodhana pranayama
nadi shodhana pranayama stages, step 1
nadi shodhana pranayama stages, step 1
       This is a beautiful pranayama practice which quickly soothes and settles the autonomic nervous system into extreme calm. From extreme calm comes vitality and happiness.

         Not as well known as alternate nostril breathing it can be found in the world renowned text Asana Pranayama Mudra & Bandha (APMB), by Swami Satyananda. It is well worth having this book in your collection of personal growth books because it offers a wide variety of everything you need for steady, effective and uplifting means to personal/spiritual development.
       It's a strange, but wonderful thing the way technical practices can so brilliantly effect spiritual growth.

Those of you who have been practicing alternate nostril breathing and using advanced ratios and big counts may have forgotten, over-looked, the therapeutic effects of this first-stage nadi shodana pranayama and the benefits it offers in steadying the mind. It offers beginners or advanced students alike, a practical and clear path into pratyahara, or alpha.
       Please note : the duration of each breath is not counted in this stage of nadi shodana pranayama. Instead the breath is allowed to flow freely, within the infrastructure of the technique.

Instructions for nadi shodana stage 1
      Sit quietly, preferably seated in a way which helps your body-mind to feel earthed (i.e. if possible  sit on a folded blanket, on the floor. If not possible sit on a comfortable chair feet flat on the floor).

       Place the left hand gently on the left knee, with the palm of that hand earthed onto the knee, the index finger and thumb connecting softly, subtly. Keep the left hand there throughout the practice.
      Raise the the right hand up in front of the face, palm facing the face. Place the pads of the index and middle fingers onto the space between the eyes, just above the bridge of the nose. No pressure there, just a soft reassuring connection. The pad of the right thumb will be used for pressing the opening of the right nostril closed at the edge of the nostril, and, the pad of the right ring finger presses the opening of the left nostril closed.

       ONE complete round - it has 3 parts

1 - Close the opening of the right nostril with the tip/pad of the right thumb - and feel the breath flowing in and out of the left nostril five times - feel the natural flow of each inhalation and exhalation.
Feel the sensation of the breath brushing the lining of the left nostril as you inhale. Count each of the five unhurried, peaceful breaths. And then . . .
2 - Close the opening of the left nostril with the tip/pad of the right ring finger - and inhale and exhale in the right nostril. Completely natural breathing. Do not not deliberately extend or slow it.
Total awareness of the sensation of the breath in the right nostril. Count each of the five unhurried, peaceful breaths . . .  then

3 - Lower the right hand to the knee, relaxing both arms . . . and now with both nostrils open continue inhaling and exhaling in both nostrils simultaneously.

      Follow each inhalation and exhalation flowing in and out, soft breath on the lining of both nostrils, simultaneously.  Count each one of these five easy, peaceful breaths in both nostrils.

You have now completed ONE round of nadi shodana stage 1. 
      Ideally do not rest between rounds, simply go straight on into the second round. Then the third. Flow smoothly from one round ending, into the next one. If it does feel necessary to rest between rounds - then do so - keeping the eyes closed. When ready raise the right hand to the eyebrow centre and begin a new round. Continue on to complete between 1 and 4 more rounds - as it feels right for you.

      With practice continues, and familiarity, the breath will naturally become slower, deeper and more rhythmic, allow this to happen naturally - don't make it happen.
     As the breath relaxes and slows, each complete round will take a little longer to complete.

       Five rounds of nadi shodana stage 1, will probably take approx. 2-3 minutes for a beginner to complete. For someone who has become very familiar with the practice, it will take more like  3-5 minutes.

      Use completely natural breathing, allow it to relax and express itself.  Do not deliberately extend, deepen, slow or control the breath in any way in nadi shodana stage 1.
nadi shodhana pranayama stages, step 1 nadi shodhana pranayama stages, step 1 Reviewed by Tejaraj K on January 18, 2020 Rating: 5

Is the mackerel seen in Sabarimala true or false? See the answer to that.

January 18, 2020
Is the mackerel seen in Sabarimala true or false? See the answer to that.
makara jyothi, makara vilakku

Hi friends.
      Do you know the secret of Makar Jyothi? What is the difference between the visible Capricorn in the sky and the Capricorn in the wild? Sabarimala's name reveals a mast magna channel of evil that goes out of its way. So friends, take a closer look at every aspect of this report.

       Friends. On the day of the Capricorn in 2011, there was a call to action when the devotees of Makara Jyothi Nokke were out. More than one hundred devotees at Sabarimala are dead. Then some people who did not accept the fame of Sabarimala went to court as if they were the only ones. Capricorn Jyoti is not divine creation. It's man-made. This has been investigated and requested. The court then asked the Travancore Devaswam Trust to explain the matter and give notice. Many of the ideas were clear. Those who had come to the ink to Sabarimala were also stunned.
Capricorn is not Jyoti!
      Yes. Here's a twist. In the forest of the Sabarimala hill is not the Makara Jyoti, as in the day of the transit of Capricorn. That is nectar. Vilakku here means light. Andr,, where the ancient Aryans of ancient times had come to celebrate the anniversary of the transgression of the tribe of Ankara, the hockey bonfire. It is still being pursued. So the flames of fire on the hill are clear of man-made anta. The Travancore Devaswam Trust has explained this to the Hon'ble High Court. In addition, the true Capricorn Jyoti is also described.
Makar Jyoti is the star of Makar in the sky!
      Yes, we see a bright Capricorn star in the sky on a hill on the night of Capricorn on Sabarimala. The same Capricorn Jyothi. This belief has been there from generation to generation. In modern times, Makar Jyothi has portrayed Makarvilakku as the lamp for their TRP campaign. It was never a divinely built Antah temple. But the TRP's insane TV media promoted the flame as a miracle. In 2011, the entire Ayyappa Swami was embarrassed by the believers' beliefs. Audrey is now clear of content. What is nectar? You know what Makar Jyoti is. So when opponents of Sabarimala speak against Sabarimala, they should stop talking like stupid people. Why, above all else, is the belief of believers today. On the basis of these beliefs, Annodanan should not be forgotten by the existence of the God and God of all religions.
Is the mackerel seen in Sabarimala true or false? See the answer to that. Is the mackerel seen in Sabarimala true or false? See the answer to that. Reviewed by Tejaraj K on January 18, 2020 Rating: 5

true love spiritual connection, real love, feeling love, spiritual love.

January 18, 2020
true love spiritual connection, real love, feeling love, spiritual love.
true love spiritual connection, real love, feeling love, spiritual love.
spiritual love true love

       What are the symptoms of being in love? Three things. First, absolute contentment. Nothing else is required ; not even God is required . Second, no future. This very moment of affection is eternity. No next moment, no future, no tomorrow. Love could also be an event within this . And third, you cease to be, you're no more. If you still are, then you've still not entered the temple of affection .

      If these three things happen… If you are not , then who goes to meditate? If there is no future, then all methods become useless because methods are for the long run , for a result. And if at this very moment you're content, absolutely content, where is that the motivation to undertake to to anything?

       There is a school of psychologists — and this is often often one of the foremost significant trends in modern thinking — that started with Reich . He said that every mental disease arises thanks to the shortage of affection . Because you cannot feel deep love, because you cannot be in it totally, this unfulfilled being craves for fulfilment in many dimensions.
       When I say that “If you'll love, nothing is required ,” i do not mean that then love is enough.

      I mean that when you're keen on deeply, love becomes a door — a touch like all meditation. what's meditation going to do? These three things: it'll create contentment; it'll assist you to remain within the present; and it will destroy your ego. These three things meditation goes to undertake to to — with any method. So you'll say it this way: love is that the natural method. If the natural method has been missed, then other artificial methods got to be supplied.
       But one can feel that one is in love; then these three things will become a criteria for him. He will think that these should be made the touchstones, the measures and he will observe whether these three things are happening. If they are not happening, then his feeling are often many other things, but not love. and thus the sensation of affection could also be an excellent phenomenon, it are often many things. It are often lust; it are often simple sex; it are often just a possessive tendency. It are often just an occupation because you cannot be alone, and you'd like someone because you're afraid and you'd like security. The presence of the other helps you to be secure. Or it's getting to be just a relationship .

       Energy needs outlets. Energy goes on accumulating — then it becomes a burden. you've to throw it and release it. So your love could even be just a release. Love are often many things, and love is many things. And ordinarily, love is many things except love. To me, love is meditation. So try this: along side your lover, be in meditation.
 once they're separated then they're thinking of each other, and once they're together, they're fighting. once they're separated again, but they're thinking about each other . once they're put together, again the fight starts. this is often not love.
       So ready to I will be able to be able to suggest some points. Make the presence of the one that you simply love or lover a meditative state. Be silent. Remain close, but be silent. Use each other’s presence to drop the mind; don't think. If you're thinking while your lover is with you, then you are not along side your lover. How are you ready to be? you're both there, but miles apart. you're thinking your thoughts, your lover is thinking his thoughts. you simply appear to be near, but you are not — because when two minds are thinking, they're different .

       True love means cessation of thinking. within the presence of the one that you simply love or lover, cease completely to think; then only are you near. Then suddenly you're one, then bodies cannot separate you. Then at bottom within the body, someone has broken the barrier. The silence breaks the barrier — that's one thing.
        Make your relationship a sacred phenomenon. once you're really crazy , the thing of affection becomes divine. If it isn't , then know well it isn't a love relationship; it's impossible. A love relationship isn't a profane relationship.

true love spiritual connection, real love, feeling love, spiritual love. true love spiritual connection, real love, feeling love, spiritual love. Reviewed by Tejaraj K on January 18, 2020 Rating: 5

The path to self-pity, what is self pity, self pity quotes.

January 10, 2020
The path of self pity
The path of self pity
The path of self pity

       There was a saint in one. Because of his mastery of study and study, he came to the people of that village without discrimination. Bowing to his judgment. One day the men drag a woman near the saints and she is an adulteress. We have eyewitnesses to this act. She requested that you be punished for this wrong. The saints then asked the woman, "What do you want to say about this?"

       She said, 'I'm sorry. Have unwittingly made a mistake. She apologized and said that I am guilty. Her face was cooked with remorse. But only the people demanded that she be punished.
        What is the punishment for this in your theology? They should stone her to death. Became. But here is an important point. Those of you who have done nothing wrong so far have the power to strike a stone. And if a woman who has sinned covered it up and beat herself or herself with a sin less than a stone, the sin will be rolled up not only for them but for their loved ones, ”saints said.

         Everyone looked face to face. No one came forward to stone her, for they were aware of the wrong they had done; They saw themselves as sinners in their eyes.

        It is true that this woman has made a mistake. But it was a mistake to be made unconscious. She sincerely repented for that. The verdict was that it was her sin. The woman happily bowed to the leg of the saints and moved on.
      Who's not wrong? It is natural for a man to do wrong. But it is important not to repent of the wrong done. Most of us talk about someone else's wrongdoing even though they have sinned. Not all of us are wrong. So let us first bring ourselves up and bring someone else. Where is the right of the self-purer to decide for himself or to decide what he is like?
The path to self-pity, what is self pity, self pity quotes. The path to self-pity, what is self pity, self pity quotes. Reviewed by Tejaraj K on January 10, 2020 Rating: 5

Datta guru Deva sadhguru Sri sat upasi

January 06, 2020
Guru Deva datta Sri sat upasi

Datta guru Deva sadhguru Sri sat upasi Datta guru Deva sadhguru Sri sat upasi Reviewed by Tejaraj K on January 06, 2020 Rating: 5

How to win this world? (In spirituality)

January 04, 2020

How to win this world? (In spirituality)
How to win this world? (In spirituality)

        See the sovereign alone within creation. He lives and knows everything as his soul. He lives the life of the world without the ugliness of mind. He works hard to make everyone Mars.

       It is customary to call the sovereign the conqueror who conquered the vast territory and brought it under his rule. The stories of the sovereigns thus implicated remain in the pages of history. But they never retained that title forever. Throughout life, he has suffered the fear of failure, has spent life with anxiety, and has put bodyguards on the sidelines and a sword in the shed as if waiting for death.

       A person cannot be sovereign unless he is free from the insanity of his feelings. How can one who does not win himself, win the world? In the outer world, a man can be recognized for his bravery, recognizing himself as an emperor, but does his inner self accept it? Will not the evil done, the blunders, the scourges of war burn in him? He is restless, unable to cope with the turmoil inside him.

      So a person is not sovereign in view of their success in public. A person's inner self must be free from worries and fears. Be free from haunting lust. You can earn a high degree of respect in society. But it is not easy to excel in creation. There are certain special qualities that a person can achieve. Such an achiever understands all of creation as his soul. Although living on earth as an animal and as a bird, he sees it as a separate entity.

       The mother gives birth to her children as part of her own life. Similarly, the sadhaka strives for the advancement of the Sarva and is engaged in doing good works. And he is always very present. He is sober without being subjected to such emotions as lust, rage and arrogance. No external attractions can make him impulsive. The senses are not susceptible to the illusion of fleeting pleasure. So he quietly confronts the world's miseries. No one can be distracted by any adverse situation. He maintains his share of duties.

       When universality and universality are inherent in this way, the individual becomes the sovereign he has won. He wishes for the good of the world, seeking a sophistication and worldlessness. He enlightens everyone with the courage, wisdom and compassion of the world to accomplish the stated good.

How to win this world? (In spirituality) How to win this world? (In spirituality) Reviewed by Tejaraj K on January 04, 2020 Rating: 5

What god expects of a man.

January 04, 2020

What does the Lord want from believers?

What does the Lord want from believers

       When the question of what the Lord wants in the minds of the common people in this world comes from - a huge list of worshipers, enthusiasts, crowns, arches, golden chariots, towers, etc.

       The scene of Bhagavatam comes in the context of Rukmini, Satyabhama. There, when Satyabhama fails to try to carry the Tulabhara with all his ornaments, Dhanakanas, before the Tulabhara is arranged to please their God, Lord Krishna; As soon as Rukmini sets aside all the jewelery, dhanas, kanakas, diamonds and puranas in the same place with a lot of devotion and diligence, the weight will outweigh the Supreme Lord Krishna. Thus, what is the weight of overcoming the Lord with just one bastion of piety? It is nothing else but pure devotion.

      Lord Shri Ramakrishna describes the matter as follows. Once Shambhu Mallika (a rich man of the time) said: ‘My wish is to put all my riches in the footsteps of the Lord. The Lord wants - knowledge, devotion, wisdom, vairagya of the devotees. This festival, service, etc., is for our discretion only. The Lord wants pure devotion, pure heart.

      Sri Ramakrishna was not just preaching, but his life was the epitome of his preaching. Paramahansare also mentioned that their devotional life is an example of pure devotion. He was working on such a tough achievement to witness Bharathani Darusha. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa tells Vijaya about the Bhagavatprama in this way. Love in the Lord means Karma sacrifice, which leaves Himself. If the Lord is doing karma in anyone's hands, let them do whatever they want.

      Now is the time to sacrifice everything for you, renounce all things and say: You are the only two of us, Lord Darshan. Devotion to be so. Like a husband's loyalty to a husband, a devotee has loyalty. Devotion to the heart, then, grows. Pure devotion, it is very hard, but not impossible! When this kind of devotion, prana, mind, is absorbed in the Lord. This is the state of the true devotee. '' When Paramahamsa is conveying this kind of devotion to a devotee, a devotee poses the question with humility: 'O Lord, what kind of distress do we have?' That means there was distraction.

       A teacher told his disciple; Come on, I will show you, what kind of distraction can the Lord realize? He says, 'Take him to a pool, plunge the disciple into the water, and hold him in the water.' After a few moments he heard him lift up; What was your life while in the water? Siramakrishna says that the same should be the longing to see the devotee.

      The Paramahansa continues to inform; It is absolutely necessary to love the Lord. Devotion is the essence. I need nothing, please pray for me to have pure devotion in your footsteps. One must pray to Lord Almighty to get out of this samsara bondage.

      The number of people who go to temples, shrines and monasteries is very rare in this world. Everyone has their own selfish demands. In order to fulfill these demands, the people undertake worship, service, enthusiasts in various ways. But the Lord does not need any of this. If the devotee performs pure deity, pure devotion, pure love, achievement, prayer, and complexity, the Lord will most lovingly accept it.

What god expects of a man. What god expects of a man. Reviewed by Tejaraj K on January 04, 2020 Rating: 5


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