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religion is the only way to attain spirituality

June 29, 2019

The only way to religion

      One must trust the Lord in life. If you write the foreword of life with confidence, a beautiful life will be formed. Our lives need the sun's ray, the moon's light. Pearl, jewel, diamond, jewelry, earth, royal glory are not permanent. Work is real life. No matter what the palace is or hut, the life of the working person evolves and refreshes. To live a virtuous life full of passion. There is strength in unity. But that secret lies in the secret organization. It is better to repair the bricks from the old one and replace it with new ones. Recent surveys have revealed that householders and mentors are more intelligent than nerds.

     Being human is easy, but being human is hard. Humanity is disappearing in the community. There is no love, trust, compassion. Man is not hesitant to ruin anything for selfishness. The source of today's unrest is the lack of culture, righteousness and dignity. Although physical wealth is a hill for some, there is no peace in life. He is wasting his precious life on waste. A senseless phenomenon is of no avail. Money is of no avail at all. Whatever is in a man without humanity is useless. Iniquity, many a way to injustice. But for religion, justice is the only way. The same "conscience". The noble values ​​of religion were invisible to a man who had become a backer of sense-power. The ear cannot be taught. It is no exaggeration to say that for many people irresponsible homelessness is causing problems in society and in religion.

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Guru and Guru philosophy

June 28, 2019

Guru and Guru philosophy

      'Hey Sadgurunatha! You are the Guru's dirty sun. Just as the sun is bound to the lotus, so are you. The Guru path seems to be from you. This is the disciple who did not surrender. In experience, the Guru teaches the disciple the glory of the Guru. Guru service is not available without going to the body. Vina who does not have a body in the service of the Guru There is no salvation until the 'I' is gone in the country. So the Guru needs to preach. The Guru is the only one who can avoid distress. This does not benefit the Guru.

      When Benjamin Franklin came home one night, he fell off the road and became very leggy. In the morning came to a decision in the morning pained. 'I'm still young. If I fall and fall like this, what is the age of children and children? Something has to be done, 'he said, lighting a large lamp on the wall near the compound of the house in the evening. That night the road was lighted by his light. But the people who were coming spoke to their mouths. But Franklin said, 'Let no man suffer as I have fallen before our house. This is my intention. Whoever says 'I will light the lamp'. The four-day-old talked about everything. Then he saw the benefit of it and lit a lamp in front of all the houses in the village. It was the dawn of street lights from this man. There was no profit from Franklin's lighting. Yet ready to do anything for the good of another. Like the eyes of the Guru. Those who spend their lives for the good of another.
Guru and Guru philosophy Guru and Guru philosophy Reviewed by Tejaraj K on June 28, 2019 Rating: 5

dattatreya avatar parampara The 2nd incarnation of the "Atrivarada"

June 22, 2019
The 2nd incarnation of "atrivarada"

     Atri Maharshis had many children. Though they were all intelligent, Maharishi wanted a son who was renowned in all the three worlds and who could help him to achieve the supreme achievement of life. That is why he celebrated penance in Tree Mountain. Influenced by his penance, he experienced the intense heat of the three worlds, along with cattle and birds. All the sages, sages and goddesses surrendered to the trio, but the trio traveled on their vehicles at Atri Maharshi. Atriu said, "I worship and meditate on one God. So who are you three?" He asked. In answer, the trio say, "We are the Self, the One you are talking about. The three forms are present to you. Maya is the three types of essence, rajas and tamasus." Therefore, the avatar is known as the Atriya and is also the golden light. Hand He wears the cones and chakras of Sri Mahavishnu.

dattatreya avatar parampara The 2nd incarnation of the "Atrivarada" dattatreya avatar parampara The 2nd incarnation of the "Atrivarada" Reviewed by Tejaraj K on June 22, 2019 Rating: 5

dattatreya avatar parampara The 1st incarnation of "Yogiraja"

June 22, 2019

The 1st incarnation of "Yogiraja"

      After the creation of Jagat, that they had to suffer in accordance with the rites of their forefathers. Lord Hindu deity practiced Yoga as AN viewer and tutored Sanatana Hindu deity and suggested Brahman to be free from all types of misery. constant fruit are given to anyone World Health Organization prays as Dattaho Datta. This incarnation of Karttika became a star within the 1st hit of the sunrise on Wednesday of Kartika's pure phase of the moon. it's known as "Yogiswara" or "Yogiraja" as this incarnation teaches yoga. This incarnation of pure dharanga is dazzling. Yogi kings ar all sovereign and all-mantra-like.

       Once Brahma asked Bhagawan Narayana "What shouldI do to cross over the transmigratory existence There upon
I haveincarnated myself in the form of Dattatreya. This my form is
pure and worthy to be worshipped. My form as Datta. is beyondall the ashrams worthy to be worshiped by even sages like
Vasishta Sandeepani who were preceptors to Rama, Krishna,respectively. The supreme Brahma resorting to yogic power
called Maya created the entire world This supreme God created Mahatwa Tatva and Ahamkara, five elements and then the
whole universe. comprising fourteen worlds. Afterwards heslept in the oceanic waters hence he is known as Narayana.

      Brahma was born from the naval lotus of Narayana. Brahma created Sanaka and from His mind created seven rishis and from his shadow Kardama Prajapati. Out of his body Brahma created Manu and Sataroopa.Manu gave birth to two sons Priyavarta and Uttanapada and three daughters, Akuli, Devahooti and
Prasuti. Manu gave his daughter Devahooti in marriage to Kardama Prajapati. This couple gave birth to nine daughters
and Anasuya was one of the daughters of Kardama Prajapati who was married to Atri Maharshi one of the seven sage-sons
of Brahma. As per the behest of Brahma Atri and Anasuya had to procreate.Atri to honour his father's order went to Roksa mountain along with Anasuya to procreate and began to perform penance. As this penance was pure the 'effulgent lord was
pleased to incarnate as yogi-Raja on Wednesday, full-moon day of Kartika.

dattatreya avatar parampara The 1st incarnation of "Yogiraja" dattatreya avatar parampara The 1st incarnation of "Yogiraja" Reviewed by Tejaraj K on June 22, 2019 Rating: 5

dattatreya avatar parampara 16 incarnations of Sri Guru Dattatreya

June 21, 2019
dattatreya avatar parampara 16 incarnations of Sri Guru Dattatreya dattatreya avatar parampara 16 incarnations of Sri Guru Dattatreya Reviewed by Tejaraj K on June 21, 2019 Rating: 5


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