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Guru and Guru philosophy

Guru and Guru philosophy

      'Hey Sadgurunatha! You are the Guru's dirty sun. Just as the sun is bound to the lotus, so are you. The Guru path seems to be from you. This is the disciple who did not surrender. In experience, the Guru teaches the disciple the glory of the Guru. Guru service is not available without going to the body. Vina who does not have a body in the service of the Guru There is no salvation until the 'I' is gone in the country. So the Guru needs to preach. The Guru is the only one who can avoid distress. This does not benefit the Guru.

      When Benjamin Franklin came home one night, he fell off the road and became very leggy. In the morning came to a decision in the morning pained. 'I'm still young. If I fall and fall like this, what is the age of children and children? Something has to be done, 'he said, lighting a large lamp on the wall near the compound of the house in the evening. That night the road was lighted by his light. But the people who were coming spoke to their mouths. But Franklin said, 'Let no man suffer as I have fallen before our house. This is my intention. Whoever says 'I will light the lamp'. The four-day-old talked about everything. Then he saw the benefit of it and lit a lamp in front of all the houses in the village. It was the dawn of street lights from this man. There was no profit from Franklin's lighting. Yet ready to do anything for the good of another. Like the eyes of the Guru. Those who spend their lives for the good of another.
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