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religion is the only way to attain spirituality

The only way to religion

      One must trust the Lord in life. If you write the foreword of life with confidence, a beautiful life will be formed. Our lives need the sun's ray, the moon's light. Pearl, jewel, diamond, jewelry, earth, royal glory are not permanent. Work is real life. No matter what the palace is or hut, the life of the working person evolves and refreshes. To live a virtuous life full of passion. There is strength in unity. But that secret lies in the secret organization. It is better to repair the bricks from the old one and replace it with new ones. Recent surveys have revealed that householders and mentors are more intelligent than nerds.

     Being human is easy, but being human is hard. Humanity is disappearing in the community. There is no love, trust, compassion. Man is not hesitant to ruin anything for selfishness. The source of today's unrest is the lack of culture, righteousness and dignity. Although physical wealth is a hill for some, there is no peace in life. He is wasting his precious life on waste. A senseless phenomenon is of no avail. Money is of no avail at all. Whatever is in a man without humanity is useless. Iniquity, many a way to injustice. But for religion, justice is the only way. The same "conscience". The noble values ​​of religion were invisible to a man who had become a backer of sense-power. The ear cannot be taught. It is no exaggeration to say that for many people irresponsible homelessness is causing problems in society and in religion.

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