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June 22, 2019

dattatreya avatar parampara The 2nd incarnation of the "Atrivarada"

The 2nd incarnation of "atrivarada"
     Atri Maharshis had many children. Though they were all intelligent, Maharishi wanted a son who was renowned in all the three worlds and who could help him to achieve the supreme achievement of life. That is why he celebrated penance in Tree Mountain. Influenced by his penance, he experienced the intense heat of the three worlds, along with cattle and birds. All the sages, sages and goddesses surrendered to the trio, but the trio traveled on their vehicles at Atri Maharshi. Atriu said, "I worship and meditate on one God. So who are you three?" He asked. In answer, the trio say, "We are the Self, the One you are talking about. The three forms are present to you. Maya is the three types of essence, rajas and tamasus." Therefore, the avatar is known as the Atriya and is also the golden light. Hand He wears the cones and chakras of Sri Mahavishnu.


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