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Dattatreya avatar parampara 16th incarnation of "Krishna shyamala kamala nayana"

Krishna shyamala kamala nayana

     Bhagwan Dattatreya took incarnation such as Yoga Raia and established (enlightenment) (Jnana), Bhakti (devotion)
dispassion and Ashtadyoga (Yoga with eight limbs). The absolute, the supreme soul, Brahman, revealed different practices for persons of different spiritual levels. Showing that He had completed mission rested on the bed of Jnana, resorting
to sleep in the form of Yoga, Bhagawan appeared in an extremely luminous form auspicious for meditation, resembling Indranila Diamond, radiating, appeared as Krishna Shyama Kamala Nayana, on
the twelfth day of the first half of
Kartika on Wednesday, on the Revati Constellation. The Lord the holiest, ali auspicious most sacred who used to fulfill
the desires of men by mere meditation said. "'O" Devotees, I have given you this practice of meditation, the essence of the essences of Vedice knowledge, Brshma Jnana, to liberate you. By meditating over, you will attain knowledge which destroys the evil in you, chastens your mind, elevates your soul force and leads you to obtain the Supreme knowledge of the self, Brahma Jnana with an attitude of perfect equipoise and true
 enlightenment. It liberates fully and gives you the most treasured Atma Jnana and Kaivalyam."

      The wisdom and philosophy of the sixteen incarnations of Dattatreya is one and harmonious. It is the philosophy of
Jnana, Bhakti and Karma yoga inculding Dhyana. It is the perfect, integral yoga or the Maha yoga, synthesising the tenets of all schools, Dwaita, Visishtadwaita, Adwaita, various other schools such as Mayawada, Parinamavada, Chidyllasvada, ete. Dattatreya's teachings are universal and eternal.

       These sixteen incarnations of Lord Dattatreya by listening to, or reading, destroys all sins. By worshipping these incarnations fear of births and deaths, is annihilated and human life becomes Blissful. May Sri Bhagawan Dattatreya be pleased to bless all.

Dattatreya avatar parampara 16th incarnation of "Krishna shyamala kamala nayana" Dattatreya avatar parampara 16th incarnation of "Krishna shyamala kamala nayana" Reviewed by Tejaraj K on July 24, 2019 Rating: 5

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