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explanation of about sadhguru dattatreya's


      Dattatreya may be a Hindu God WHO is associate degree incarnation of the Divine Trinity Brahma, Hindu deity and Shiva. The word Datta suggests that "Given", Datta is termed thus as a result of the divine trinity have "given" themselves within the kind of a son to the sage couple Atri and Anasuya. he's the son of Atri, thence the name "Atreya". within the Natha tradition, Dattatreya is recognized as associate degree Avatar or incarnation of the Lord Shiva and because the Adi-Guru (First Teacher) of the Adi-Nath sampradaya of the Nathas. The artistic, the preservative and also the disintegrating powers of God are alleged to be manifest within the temperament of Lord Dattatreya. The name or word 'Dattatreya' is implanted of 2 terms, 'Datta' and 'Atreya'. In Sanskritic language, 'Datta' suggests that one WHO is presented as a present, associate degreed 'Atreya' is an honorific that springs from the name of an excellent sage known as Atri. The son of Atri is Atreya. A descendent of Atri is also Atreya. One WHO is presented as a divine kid on the good sage Atri, by the Gods Brahma, Hindu deity and Shiva themselves, is Dattatreya.

Birth Of Lord Dattatreya

     Sage Narad praised Anusuya's "pativratyam" (Devotion to her husband) loads before the wives of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva creating them jealous of her. They requested their husbands to scale back her pativratyam. Brahma, Hindu deity and Shiva visited Anusuya as guests once Atri wasn't there reception and asked her to serve them food (lunch). once she in agreement to try and do thus, they aforesaid that they'll settle for her charity on the condition that she serves them while not carrying garments. Anasuya falls into a perplexity. If she comes while not garments ahead of alternative men her pativratyam are going to be reduced. If she refuses then that's dishonor to the guests and that they will exclude all the ability of Atri. Anasuya felt that the 3 guests WHO asked such an odd favour don't seem to be traditional individuals since they're attempting to put her in a very tough state of affairs. Anasuya prayed to her husband in her mind and aforesaid that she doesn't have any worry serving them while not garments as she isn't full of lust. Since the guests asked for charity expression "Bhavati Bhikshan Dehi" (Oh Mother! offer North American country some food) and indirectly known as her a mother, She determined that she is going to think about them as her kids and serve them as requested. owing to her greatness and as per her thinking by the time she came to serve food the 3 gods became babies and her breasts started manufacturing milk. She then breastfed them and place them to sleep in a very cradle. Atri came back subsequently and hearing the story from Anasusuya praised the 3 gods sleeping within the cradle. They aroused from sleep in their original kind and praised Anasuya's pativratyam and gave her a boon. Anasuya requested that these 3 ought to change state as her children--the incarnation of Shiva, Hindu deity and Brahma as Durvasa, Dattareya and Chandra (meaning moon).

     Shri Dattatreya or Datta Guru, associate degree incarnation WHO came to lightweight the lamp of knowledge among the individuals. Shri Dattatreya may be a splendorous kind. His face radiates all knowledge and attracts North American country far from the lures of the planet. although he's the Supreme Lord of this universe, however he's a complete and supreme recluse. although He moves from place to put, His favorite abode is that the Holy Audambar tree (A style of fig sort, Ficus glomerate). He has matted hair on His head. His body is ever smirched with holy ashes and He wears tiger-skin for His garment. A cow and 4 dogs are continuously with Him as His constant companions. he's associate degree 'Avadhoot', ever anchored in Spirit, however continuously overflowing with pity for all the beings and also the entire creation. he's the embodiment of total Creator. All the aspects of Creator are totally manifest in Him. His faces and kind are ever bright with peace and divine charm.

  • The Cow, that is often with Him, represents the Mother Earth and Dharma. She is that the want fulfilling cow 'Kamadhenu'.

  • The four dogs symbolise the four Vedas – the external repositories of non secular knowledge.

  • The shaft indicates that He has transcended the 3 gunas, that represent the unreal world: Sattva-illumination, Rajas-activity and Tamas-inertia.

  • The 'Sudharshana chakra' , disc indicates that he's on the far side the cycles of your time i.e. the past, gift and future and His holding of 'chakra' suggests that he's the controller of your time.

  • The univalve represents the eternal sound ‘AUM’ – that is that the manifestation of the Spirit. it's additionally the vital principle in North American country and also the cosmos.

  • The 'bhasma' ashes indicated His 'Vairaagya' unemotionality similarly as His purity. Ashes indicate the temporary nature of all created nature of all created objects and also the final state of all matter.

  • He continuously carries a beggary bowl thus on teach us the lesson that we are going to have to be compelled to share our wealth and food with others.

  • The japa-mala, prayer beads He wears reminds North American country that our primary duty is vocalizing the sacred name of the Lord and meditating on the feet of the Lord, and our redemption depends on this discipline alone.

    Shri Dattatreya, so as to bless His devotees and also the righteous ones, wanders regarding within the gloss of a random guest at the lunch hour. That's why it's aforesaid that a random guest should be treated because the terribly embodiment of Lord Dattaterya.

Gurus and subordinate Gurus of Datta

    The eleventh skandha (volume) of the Shrimadbhagvat narrates a speech between Yadu and Avadhut. Everything within the universe may be a Guru as a result of one will learn one thing or the opposite from it. From dangerous things one learns what defects to reject and from treats what sensible qualities to amass.

     Once, whereas he was roaming jubilantly in a very forest, he met King Yadu, who, on seeing Dattatreya thus happy, asked him the key of his happiness and also the name of his Guru. Dattatreya aforesaid, “The Self alone is my Guru. Yet, I actually have learnt knowledge from 24 alternative people and objects. So they, too, also are my Gurus.” Dattatreya then mentioned the names of his 24 Gurus and spoke of the knowledge that he had learnt from every as follows:

1. The earth:
One ought to acquire the virtues of endurance and tolerance of duality from the planet.

2. The wind:

One ought to be detached just like the wind. even as the wind blows each within the hot and cold regions while not being influenced by their qualities or defects thus additionally those athirst of Liberation (mumukshus) ought to wholeheartedly tread on the trail prescribed by the Vedas (Shrutis) in the hot and cold regions without being attentive to virtues or defects of others.

3. The sky:
similar to the sky the soul pervades all animate and inanimate objects however it remains in-situ, single and steady.

4. The water : 
similar to water one ought to behave with fondness towards all. One ought to ne'er be keen on anyone.
Just as water retains its impurity at its bed and cleanses others of their impurities thus additionally ought to man renounce the impurities arising from attachment to the soma, acquire the treasure of non secular data and cleanse individuals with vices, of their sins.

Just as water flows from the next altitude uprooting impudent trees, nurturing humble vegetation on its thanks to the low lying land thus additionally liberated souls ought to destroy the vain and loaded, penalize the cheat evildoers and redeem those that surrender to them, of their sins.
Man is similar to water that becomes impure by stagnation and gets sublimate because it flows. thence men with a non secular angle ought to visit numerous places of pilgrimages (tirthakshetras) rather than living in one place.

5. the fireplace : 
Like fire, man ought to undertake austerities and acquire illumined with data. He ought to partake of no matter is accessible, refrain from dangerous deeds and use his virtues solely at the opportune moment for a worthy cause.
When on a pilgrim's journey, etc. one ought to eat no matter is accessible while not accumulating it.
Always remaining pure just like the fireplace one ought to behave with equality towards all.
Fire delivers the oblations to the deities created in it amidst vocalizing of their various Names.
In order to grasp the transient nature of the body the flame of fireplace is taken into account as a Guru. even as hardly any time is needed to kindle and extinguish a flame thus additionally creation and dissolution of a body from the 5 cosmic parts doesn't take long.

 6. The moon:
There are all told sixteen sections of the moon as well as the refined phase of the new phase of the moon and also the fifteen of the time period. although there's waxing and waning of the moon, it remains unaffected by them. Similarly, the soul isn't full of changes within the bodhe's

7. The sun:  
The sun stores water taking the longer term into consideration and benevolently showers it on the planet at the acceptable moment. within the same method man ought to store helpful things and build them offered to any or all living organisms impartially, considering the time, place and also the prevailing conditions.

8. The columbiform bird: 
columbiform bird
a person WHO lives with intense attachment for his adult female and youngsters feeling that worldly life is pleasant is destroyed with time similar to a pigeon at the side of its family is eaten up by a falcon. therefore a seeker athirst of Liberation (mumukshu) ought to be mentally detached from all this.

9. The python:

 The python lies in one place intrepidly having religion in its destiny. it's content with no matter food it gets and has no preferences regarding the amount, taste, etc. It doesn't feel vulnerable if no food is accessible for someday and inspite of getting the strength does not build use of it. equally those athirst of the ultimate Liberation should partake of no matter very little is accessible reposing religion in destiny and occasionally if nothing is available then they ought to become self-examining and stay engrossed in meditating on the soul.

10. the ocean :

throughout monsoons even as the sea is neither happy if the rivers herald many water neither is sick if they are doing not, and consequently doesn't swell or shrink, thus additionally man should stay steadfast to his duties and will neither feel elated if he experiences worldly pleasures nor sad if he's Janus-faced with tragedy. He should stay immersed in cloud nine.
One mustn't let anyone understand one’s virtues even as the ocean keeps its length, breadth, depth and also the treasures in its bed hidden from everybody. but one should use them favorably, for the sake of others.

11. The lepidopteran: 

The moth transfixed by the enticing radiance of the lit lamp, dives at it and is shortly burn to death. a person WHO is equally fascinated by a woman’s beauty and youth for the sake of pleasance finally perishes in it similar to the lepidopteran.

12.The queen bee:

queen bee
 The queen bee builds a hive encountering many difficulties in a very cumbersome location high on a tree and collects honey in it. It neither chuck it itself nor lets others feast upon it. Finally all of a abrupt the honey collector kills it and takes away the hive at the side of the honey. within the same method the hoarder WHO accumulates wealth with relentless efforts finally either becomes sad once it's suddenly lost in the fireplace, taken by thieves or alienated by the king or once unrighteous  relation is born to him that misuses it or if he dies issueless. therefore when his death the wealth either remains wherever it's or is noninheritable  by somebody unrelated to him. If at the time of death he still has attachment for that wealth then he harasses the one WHO enjoys it within the kind of a spirit or a serpent. therefore learning that accumulation of wealth results in extra time just like the honey bee, one ought to stop amassing wealth.
The honey collector: even as the one WHO collects the honey acquires it effortlessly thus additionally a male seeker ought to partake of food lyonnaise within the home of a owner rather than disbursement time in creating a hearth, collection utensils, firewood, etc. and will devote that point to grasp God. Such seekers athirst of Liberation partake of food from homeowners and ultimately uplift them.

13. The elephant (Gajendra) : elephant
 the elephant is thus powerful, man tries to capture it by creating by removal a pit within the ground, covering it with grass and inserting a picket cow elephant lined with elephant skin thereon pit. loving by the cow elephant the elephant craves for pleasance and runs towards that picket cow elephant with speed and falls within the pit. therefore it's simply created a captive by man. equally man lured by aesthetical pleasure is instantly entrapped enslaved.
Men allured by adulterous girls are destroyed within the same method as elephants overcome with lust die fighting amongst themselves.

14. The bumble-bee :

 The helianthus that blooms with sunrise closes with the sunset. At that point if a bumble-bee is seated  on that, then it gets cornered within the flower. therefore realising that attachment to object pleasure offers rise to bondage, one ought to refrain from such attachment.
Just as the bumble-bee savours the fragrance of many sunflowers rather than one thus additionally seekers athirst of Liberation ought to realise that each science won't be straightforward to know and thence should try and understand their tacit that means.

15. The Musk deer:
Musk deer

 The Moschus moschiferus that is as swift because the wind and may be captured by none, gets transfixed with melodious music and loses its life to others. Keeping this in mind one mustn't get entrapped in any quite attachment.

16. The Fish:

 a fish-hook fixed with bait is thrown into the water, the fish lured by the bait swallows the hook and gets caught. therefore it loses its life. Man too is cornered in satisfying his style buds and therefore continues to suffer within the whirlpool of births and deaths.

17. The prostitute - Pingala:prostitute - Pingala
 One night despite an extended wait not one consumer approached her. As she restlessly waited pacing up and down, hoping for a consumer she was finally bored and suddenly developed detachment. As long as man has need he cannot sleep peacefully. The one WHO sacrifices need is unaffected by unhappiness.

18. The green plover:

green plover

 Seeing the lapwing fly with a fish in its beak many crows and eagles began chasing it, pecking at it and tried to grab the fish, therefore harassing it. This flock began following it where it went. Finally exhausted it born the fish. simply then associate degree eagle caught the fish. The green plover but sedately alert itself on the branch of a tree. during this world there's peace provided that sense objects are rejected, otherwise it results in nice distress.

19. The child:
 respect and disrespect, basic cognitive process that the universe is ruled by destiny one ought to live carefree sort of a kid and luxuriate in the cloud nine.

20. The bangles: 

once 2 bangles strike one another a ringing sound is generated. The a lot of the bangles the larger is that the sound. equally once 2 persons live along it results in speech and when several persons live together there's strife. In each circumstances there's no peace of mind. thence those doing meditation, yoga, etc. ought to hunt for associate degree isolated place and live there in seclusion.

21. The skilled worker:
skilled worker
 in the future associate degree artisan was chiselling the blade of an arrow with nice concentration. A king’s procession to the accompaniment of music lapsed that method. a person inward later approached the skilled worker and enquired, “Have you seen the king’s procession passing by this manner, simply now?” The skilled worker replied, “I was thus engrossesd in my work that i used to be not awake to anything”. similar to this skilled worker a seeker athirst of Liberation ought to meditate surrendering all his sense organs to The Lord.

22. The snake:
 2 snakes ne'er live or wander regarding along. They move around cautiously ne'er creating any sound. rather than creating a home for themselves they occupy somebody else’s home ground. They neither move around freely, criticise while not reason nor get angry unless black-and-blue by somebody. therefore 2 intellectuals mustn't move around along, ought to speak limitedly, mustn't quarrel with each other or ridicule anyone, ought to act thoughtfully, mustn't address a gathering and will pay their lives living anyplace rather than building a house for themselves. By building a house one develops self-importance and consequently attachment develops.

23. The spider: The spider spins an internet   spider
   secreting a fluid from its belly and plays in it day and night. once it sounds like it, it swallows the whole internet and becomes free once more. equally God creates the planet once He needs and indulges in numerous types of play in it. once He sounds like it, with a resolve He destroys it and becomes single once more. even as a spider can weave an internet with its fluid repeatedly thus can also God produce the universe by a mere resolve, dissolve it at intervals Himself and recreate it at His can. thence one mustn't attach importance to worldly events.

24. The wasp: 
The one WHO often meditates on associate degree object finally merges into it.  It gently blows air over the worm time and once more. Consequently the worm meditates on the wasp and eventually additionally becomes a wasp. A seeker athirst of Liberation ought to within the same manner meditate on God as suggested by the Guru so he merges into God.

Subordinate Gurus

A. The tree: the person United Nations agency will immoral acts beneath the predominance of the tama element becomes a tree within the next birth and since of his self-importance is compelled to stay standing as a tree all his life. These trees stay smitten by others and cleanse themselves of the sins committed in their previous births by pleasantly serving others until they die. that's why they blithely provide shelter to birds and alternative creatures. They additionally defend their refugees by bearing the forcefulness of the cold, wind, heat, etc. onto their bodies and provide them their leaves, flowers and fruits for survival. they're debarked, cut, scraped and used as timber, firewood, etc. Suffering is inflicted upon them consistent with one’s would like and any doable task is undertaken creating use of them. even as the species of trees endures the suffering inflicted by individuals on them and continues to serve them until they live therefore additionally seekers appetent of Liberation ought to endure all suffering and still serve others until they die.
Just as trees provide shelter to travellers, homeowners ought to provide meals to guests coming back to their threshold and provides them shelter. If inadvertently one acquires wealth then one shouldn't become insolent. even as trees efflorescence with flowers and fruits bow down and serve others a lot of therefore additionally if one becomes affluent one ought to humbly render a lot of service to others.

B. The mountains: The mountains and therefore the earth store precious stones, etc. in their mines. As a result man is benefitted staggeringly. each man ought to acquire information likewise and use it favorably. even as in summer mountains quench the thirst of man with their springs therefore additionally one ought to develop the habit of talking tunefully therefore on create others happy.

    The king was extremely affected by taking note of these enlightening words of Lord Dattatreya. He abandoned the globe and experienced constant meditation on the Self.

     DATTATREYA Jayanthi falls throughout December-January on the total moon day of the month of Margaseersha.

     On Dattatreya Jayanthi, rise up at Brahmamuhurta and meditate. quick and pray throughout the day. don't combine with anybody. board total seclusion. Forget the body. determine yourself with the happy Self. Study Dattatreya’s wonderful works, namely, the Avadhuta Bhagavadgita and therefore the Jivanmukta Bhagavadgita. Worship Lord Dattatreya’s (or, your own Guru’s) type. Take wholesome resolves that you simply can follow the nice teachings of Lord Dattatreya. you'll realise the Self terribly shortly.

Other Names of Lord Dattatreya

Avadhut - The One United Nations agency controls the eight colleges within the body of AN embodied soul and shows it the trail to the unmanifest dimension through the manifest dimension. Avadhut could be a medium that connects each the manifest kind of Lord Datta and His unmanifest type. he's a manifest type (the gross manifestation) of the 3 principles - Brahma, Hindu deity and knife. he's additionally associated with the unmanifest dimension (manifestation of those 3 principles within the kind of light).

Digambar - is that the principle which provides company to AN embodied soul until it gets Final Liberation within the radiance of the sky, i.e. on the far side all the directions.

Sripad - 'Sri' is that the endless principle of God. The principle that takes AN embodied soul thereto principle of God or to the Holy Feet of 'Sri' principle is that the Datta principle in Sripad.

Vallabh - The Datta princ-iple within the kind of Vallabh protects the Universe from the circular-shaped distressing frequencies that make a concern mental disease, and therefore protects the embodied souls.

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