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History of Dattatreya


       Lord Dattatreya is Guru of all Gurus and thought of as Incarnation of Shiva, Hindu deity and Brahma born to the good Saint Atri and his devoted adult female Anusuya .

To know the birth of Lord Dattatreya one ought to comprehend the story of Sati Sumathi.

Story of Sumati

      There was a good pativrata named Sumati, United Nations agency served her husband with nice devotion. Her husband  was afflicted by infectious disease because of excess kama/sex and was unable to steer. Even therein condition, in some unspecified time in the future once he saw a stunning kept woman , want arose in his mind. He asked his adult female to negotiate on his behalf with the kept woman and take him to her to satisfy his want as he can't walk.

       Sumati accepted his request and as he can't walk, she tried to hold him in an exceedingly basket on her head in a night. Being a 0 moon day it had been terribly dark and he or she couldn't see the good sage Mandavya United Nations agency was impaled on her method. The leg of Sumati’s husband brushed the body of the sage United Nations agency was in meditation, inflicting him heaps of pain. The sage cursed that the one that has caused him the pain would die before the sunrise. Knowing this Sumati, needed that the sun shouldn't rise that day specified the curse of sage Mandavya wouldn't return to fruition and her husband would not die. Total worlds were thrown into a giant turmoil as Sun didn't rise. The Gods visited Lord Brahma United Nations agency has asked them to approach Anasuya to come back out of this drawback. once they approached her being a pativrata herself, she checked out her lord sage Atri. He asked her to accede to the request of the gods and facilitate the worlds. So, all of them visited Sumati, United Nations agency was sitting with the top of her husband in her lap with sorrow. once Sumati was asked to with draw her injunction she aforesaid "her husband can die if she with attracts it". Anasuya requested Sumati to elevate her injunction and facilitate the globe and warranted Sumati that she would bring her husband back to life along with her pativrata powers. Sumati in agreement and allowed Sun to rise within the jap sky.That created Sumati's husband die and  Anasuya  brought back life to the husband of Sumati. All gods were more than happy and praised Anasuya and Sumati for his or her pativratya.

     Anasuya has become very hip thanks to the higher than incidence and girls started go to her negeleting the wives of the good trinities.

Story of Anasuya and birth of Lord Dattatreya

      Once Sage Narada praised Anusuya's "pativratyam" (Devotion to her husband) heaps before Sarswathi,Lakshmi and Parvathi ,the wives of Brahma-Vishnu-Maheswara, that created them jealous of her. Then they requested their husbands to cut back her pativratyam. Brahma, Hindu deity and Maheswara visited Anusuya as sages once Atri wasn't there reception and asked her to serve them food. once she in agreement to try and do thus, they aforesaid that they're going to settle for her alms-giving only if she serves them while not carrying garments. Anasuya falls into a perplexity. If she comes while not garments ahead of alternative men her pativratyam are reduced. If she refuses then that's dishonour to the guests.. Anasuya felt that the 3 guests United Nations agency asked such an odd favour aren't traditional individuals since they're attempting to position her in an exceedingly tough state of affairs. Anasuya prayed to her husband in her mind and aforesaid that she doesn't have any worry serving them while not garments as she isn't laid low with lust. Since the guests asked for alms-giving spoken communication "Bhavati Bhiksham Dehi" (Oh Mother! offer United States some food) and indirectly known as her a mother. She set that she is going to contemplate them as her youngsters and serve them as requested. thanks to her greatness and powers, once  she came to serve food to the 3 gods with out garments ,all 3 became as young children and her breasts started manufacturing milk. She then breastfed them and place them to sleep in an exceedingly cradle. Atri came back afterward and hearing the story from Anasusuya praised the 3 gods sleeping within the cradle. Knowing this their wives hurried to the ashram of Atri and accepted their mistake and requested Anasuya to forgive them and provides their husbands back in original kind. Then Anasuya create them to their original kind and every one of them have praised Anasuya's pativratyam.. Anasuya requested that the trinity ought to change state as her youngsters as she developed warmheartedness towards them once she was feeding them and that they have in agreement and gave her that boon.

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