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dattatreya avatar parampara the 10th incarnation of "maya avadhuta"

  1. The 10th incarnation of "maya avadhuta"
      Once, in order to test the devotion of His loving devotees, Bhagawan appeared as a mendicant Avadhuta. He entered the house of a pious Brahmin by name Sheela on a Shraddha Day. The mendicant young in age, lustrous with golden hue, wearing a loin cloth had a begging bowl and a staff in his hands. All of a sudden he came in and occupied one of the seats meant for Bhoktas. He was accompanied by a dark black dog. The brahmins on seeing him became furious for they felt his presence with a dog as a sacrilege and with disdain
harshly questioned, "Who are you ?" "l am formless" was the reply. Some how Sheela recognised him as Bhagawan Datta,
saluted him and with utmost respect, offered the food prepared for shraddha with ghee, honey as is customary to treat a bhokta on the occasion Sheela prostrated again and again seeking His benign Blessings to himself to his forefathers as well. The other Brahmins who were witnessing all this got enraged, spoke ill of Sheela and cursing him went out and gathered together all the Brahmins of the village and narrated the decadent, disgraceful act of Sheela and how he defiled the whole shraddha karma by entertaining the mendicant accompanied by his dog. The Brahmins of the village could not tolerate such a sacrilegious act from one of their own Brahmin community and so they all marched towards Sheela's house in
great wrath. On finding the mendicant they harshly said, "O wretched, unbrahminic beggar, why have you  come here and

what authority you have to destroy the sacred Brahmana Karma in this manner ?" The mendicant, unruffled coolly replied" Tell me what is Brahma and what is Karma I know only Atman." Some scholarly Brahmin among the group came forward and tried to answer him saying:" Brahma is the imperishable syllable OM, Karma is two fold, permanent and occasional as immediately indicatedvby the Vedas"
questioned them, "What are the Vedas? and what have they indicated to you? . The Brahmins said "Vedas are four fold. You are wretched, a fallen fellow, unworthy to listen about mendicant Vedas. How can we tell you about them l" The mendicant
calmly said " As I am free from Maya, I have no need, nor right for Vedas I do not touch any action tainted by Guna similar to a
a dog. I am possessed of the Self.
I do not touch a dog with a mind engrossed in Maya. This dog is learned, knower of all
the Vedas and Shastras and possessor of Brahma Jnana, worthy to be my companion."

       The Brahmins were stunned and stupified at the dog reciting Vedas at the instruction of the mendicant. The monk coolly walked away, blessing Sheela, into a near-by forest, Seeing this, the Brahmins recogniseed him to be the omniscient God and prayed to Him,"O Bhagawan, the All merciful, we were steeped in such ignorance, we could not recognise though you have come and was with us. Forgive us. pray protect us along with our family, and may we not be cursed for what we did out of sheer ignorance and Maya." This incarnation of Maya Avadhuta appeared on Wednesday at Mid-day on Vaishaka Chaturdashi
on the Swati constellation.

dattatreya avatar parampara the 10th incarnation of "maya avadhuta" dattatreya avatar parampara the 10th incarnation of "maya avadhuta" Reviewed by Tejaraj K on July 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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