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July 15, 2019

dattatreya avatar parampara the 14th incarnation of "Deva Deva"

Deva Deva

      This was a narration of Markandeya, according to which Bhagawan gave darshan to Brahma as Deva-Deva who came
with his retinue to see him. It was on the fourteenth day of the first half of Bhadrapada on Thursday, Bhagawan appeared as Deva-Deva was effulgent with the divine splendour, unparalleled
and indescribable. Brahma, residing in Satya Loka came to the hermitage of Dattatreya who then was in the form of DevaDeva. Brahma seeing him prostrated "O' Bhagawan, victory to you, O, omnicreator, giver of delight and supreme Bliss to Paramahamsas, to be worshipped by all.
I am blessed by your darshan, bestow upon me your grace, and bless me that I am
free from birth and death." Then Deva - Deva said "Brahma, it is a divine design your Karma has come to an end, you shall be absolved in My real nature along with the sages around you" Thus Brahma along with the sages were merged in the
real nature of Deva-Deva. An avatara of utmost significance is this to get liberation.


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