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dattatreya avatar parampara the 13th incarnation of "shivarupa dattatreya "

The 13th incarnation  of shivarupa dattatreya
Shivarupa datta

         Pingala Naga, once, noticed, Bhagawan seated under an Amlaka tree at the holy, Mahura reciting the Vedas. Pingala
finding Bhagawan in a very peculiar state questioned him "o Lord ! What is this stage of your life. It is neither Brahmacharin
as there is neither loin-cloth, nor the girdle of Munja grass, nor that of an householder as there is m) as there is no practice of penance, but you are naked and enjoying the company of a woman and wine ?" The Lord smilingly in great benevolence said", This stage in which I am now is the fifth stage, quite different from the normal four stages of life of all human beings. You might not have heard nor seen so far. This
stage is wherein I look upon this whole world as self, remain disinterested, free from all dwandwas, from all gunas. Always
remaining in perfect equipoise or Samarasa is the fifth stage" Saying so Bhagawan manifested immediately in an extremely
handsome and captivatingly effulgent form of an auspicious "SIVA-RUPA." This incannation came into existence on the
eighth day of the first half of Shravana on Monday. Having seen this Pingala got thrilled, amazed and prostrating said, Hey!Bhagawan forgive me out of ignorance out of bewilderment I questioned you. Pray bless me and liberate me".

dattatreya avatar parampara the 13th incarnation of "shivarupa dattatreya " dattatreya avatar parampara the 13th incarnation  of "shivarupa dattatreya " Reviewed by Tejaraj K on July 14, 2019 Rating: 5

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