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dattatreya avatar parampara the 15th incarnation of "Digambara"

The 15th incarnation of "Digambara"

      King Yadu of Yadava clan, of Soma Dynasty, to which Lord Krishna belongs, was reigning and he used to worship Datta.
While once he was wandering King
Yadu met an "Avadhuta" extremely effulgent, a digambara rolling in dust
but yet with lustrous body, absolutely indifferent to the surroundings, immersed in unalloyed supreme Bliss. It was in
this Avatara, Bhagawan Datta Blessed King Yadu and Bhakta Sikhamani Prahlada with divine enlightehment and liberation.
In the case of King Yadu, the digambara when asked said "I have accepted twenty four Gurus observing their qualities they
represent, and realising the great significance implied, I have become wise and blissful" I have learnt dispassion and discrimination, Left off any regard for the body. I move completely free from any attachment. Human body is for self-enlightenment." King Yadu by the grace of Lord Dattatreya-Digambara got enlightened and fully liberated.

     Also in the case of Prahlada, the son of Hiranyakasipu, who took delight in the Baghavata Dharma by the instruction of
Narada did not attain supreme peace. He was feeling Ashanti inspite of becoming a monarch after his father Hiranyakasipa was annihilated by Lord VIshnu, as he did not have that Atma-Jnana After a time Prahlada felt disgusted with his regal life and he came to a forest under the pretext of hunting. Fortunately he could see, Digambara - Avadhuta. Having seen the cheerful form of the Digambara Avadhuta, Prahlada felt an irresistible attraction by His divine effulgence. Prahlada approached Him in great reverence and requested to tell him how to obtain that Supreme Bliss. Then Digambara replied 'God Vishnu incarnated as Nrisimha for you, as you were his beloved Devotee and annihilated your father the demonic Hiranyakasipu, You are ripe for attaining that Supreme knowledge. One should merge all doubts in Chitta and Chitta in the mind. mind in the ego' ego in the Maya, Maya in the Self. One should remain as self, knowing for certain that atman alone is Paramatman. This
wisdom should be firmly fixed and in self, This is the secret Prahlada at the command of Dattatreya Digambara ruled the Kingdom in a detached spirit, later handed over the Kingdom to his son and remained immersed in the supreme spirit with
Brahma Jnana, finally attained Kaivalya.

      In the same avatara of Datta-Digambara, one Sadhya Deva came and bowed down and asked for the path of beatitude.
Digambara told "One should give up desire, anger,pride, egoism and contemplate on the ultimate principle, one should keep up
his mind in equanimity in times of success, defeat, pain and pleasure Looking at His unique form and listening to His divine words, Sadhya Deva, beseeched for His anugraha and Digambara, the all-merciful blessed him with enlightenment. It was in this avatara, Kartaveeryarjuna, derived liberation by meditating over his form, Veda Dharma by uttering His Name,
Deepika by listening to His leelas, Vishnu Datta by worshiping at His feet, King Alarka by service, Ayuraga by salutation, Parasurama by surrendering, derived liberation from Lord Datta- Digambara. Bhagawan took this Avatara of Digambara on full moon day of first half of Asvina, on Wednesday at Sunrise. An avatara celestial and most distinguished for having blessed
numerous puranic personalities with Kaivalya is Datta Digambara.

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