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dattatreya avatar parampara the 9th incarnation of "vishwambhara avadhuta"

the 9th incarnation of "vishwambhara avadhuta"

      In ordered to observe the actions of his siddha-devotees and how far they have been truly following , Bhagavan assumed
the form of an Avadnuta. He went to them and observed their behaviour. He saw some of them free from thoughts of desire,
some with distracted minds. some still egoistic and a few still defiled by desire, lust and anger, and a very few following His
instructions meticulously. Bhagawan pitying them tried to release their minds from all the defiling, distracting nature and
turn their intellect towards the acquisition of knowledge of Self. The affect was only for a short time. Bhagwan noticed that
they were apt to slip back into their previous condition, and cautioned them to beware of their precondition. Siddhas
recognising in Him Lord Datta. prayerfully said, "O Datta, all merciful, all-compassionate, kindiy protect us. We find it very difficult to practise what al you have instructed. Our fickle minds run amock, often. We are in every sense, weaklings, without your grace, unless, ever correcting us we will not be able to progress'". Having heard, Dattatreya assumed the cosmic form of Viswambara Avadhuta It was on full moon day of Chaitra of Chitra constellation on Tuesday, the Lord assumed the form of Viswambara Avadhuta.

This form was extremely lustrous,
multi-coloured, This form is the resort of birth, sustenance and disssolutlon of the world. In that form, Bhagwan addressed them further, "I am the refuge of Maya. I am free from all attributes, forms, I am all - witnessing and omnipresent. I am free from all actions. Advise you to do mantra-japa and practise Yoga. Be rest assured that those who constantly remember
Me at all times and in all circumstances, will be liberated." Having said that, he withdrew his cosmic form and assumed
his former form of an Avadhuta and disappeared.

dattatreya avatar parampara the 9th incarnation of "vishwambhara avadhuta" dattatreya avatar parampara the 9th incarnation of "vishwambhara avadhuta" Reviewed by Tejaraj K on July 10, 2019 Rating: 5

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