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dattatreya avatar parampara the 8th incarnation of "jnanaSagara"

the 8th incarnation of "jnanaSagara"

         Bhagawan Sri Datta once looked at the Siddhas and reflected, "Man is not free. because desire is the main propeller and anger is the agent. All this world revolves round desire. It is pervaded by anxiety and inevitably resulting in misery.
It is the desire that is the main cause for a man to go astray and
at times commit acts of sin, prompts to do things which one
normally desists to do
Desires are unsatiable and unless one curbs this unbridled horse, it would throw out its rider causing
grievous hurt. To overcome desire, only the weapon is acquisition of enlightenment or Jnana". Hence, Bhagawan  assumed the form of a Jnanin, This incarnation of Jnana-Sagara took place on the tenth day of the first half of Phalguna on Sunday on Punarvasa constellation. In the assembly of Siddhas. Bhagawan occupied seat high in the air. The Siddhas felt stupidly, belittled and became intolerant. They foolishly tried to bring him down, but failed miserably as wind fails in moving

a mountain. Then the Siddhas struck with wonder and remorse.
began to question him and he answered thus, (1) "Who are you?" i am of an unrecognisable nature". (2) "Who is your Guru?," "I have no Guru". Finding that their false pride and egoism blinded their vision and so could not realise the true nature
of the person in front, realising then that He was the Supreme Soul, they reverentially addressed Him. "O God of Gods! We have actually become powerful only due to your grace. Foolishly, with that power itself, we tried to pull you down from your seat, But we found our arrogance and pride chided when our attempt miserably failed. Then Bhagawan replied, "The wind that moves every
thing cannot move the sky, because the sky is indivisible and is the very cause of the wind. Similarly I am the cause of all free entirely from all modifications. My nature is eternal; I am the all pervading omniscient Brahma with no gunas, (qualities).

So the Siddhas you are helpless because you are still plagued
by desires, Desires create delusions resulting in misery. From desire arises emotions, anger and all that degrades a man. Be free from desires, then the entry into the kingdom of enlightenment is possible." Siddhas, then, in great emotional fervour said, "O Master, God of Gods, protect us by your grace (anugraha). Though we know that desire is our greatest enemy
unfortunately we could not conquer it. Then Jnana Sagara directed them, "Please Me by reciting my name constantly, by devotion to me with unfaltering faith, get enlightened and liberated." Advising them thus Jnana Sagara directed them to the practice of Jnana which alone matters in the final.

dattatreya avatar parampara the 8th incarnation of "jnanaSagara" dattatreya avatar parampara the 8th incarnation of "jnanaSagara" Reviewed by Tejaraj K on July 10, 2019 Rating: 5

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