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dattatreya avatar parampara The 4th incarnation of the "Kalagni shamana."

The 4th incarnation of the "Kalagni shamana."

          This incarnation is the most important of the sixteen incarnations of Sri Datta. The body of Atri Maharshi began to glow with fire due to the penance done at Treeksha Mountain. Anasuya Devi was standing in front of her when she disappeared.  Surprised by her astonished goddess, "You must be born in my womb by human form", Srihari was born in her bosom in the form of an infant. The beast was the star of the day, and the moon was already rising. In the same strata, the dwarves and the moons were born.

      The incarnation named Kalagni Samana is the result of the penance of Atri and Anasuya.Having retired from his
penance Atri returned to his hermitage along with his wife and remained immersed in deep meditative penance, for over a hundred years. Effulgent fire broke out of Atri's body due to his penance, the Fire of Deluge. Being aware of this the mosk
compassionate Bhagwan Dattatreya entered the ambit of the head of Atri, in order to passify the fire of effulgence. Bhagwan who was extremely cool like crores of moons entered Atri's body and extinguished the whole fire and pacified the heat of atri. Then Atri opening his eyes looked at his wife Anasuya, the embodiment of chastity and that very moment a lustrous effulgance from his eyes entered into Anasuya. It was the auspicious seventh day of the first half of Margashirsha. The effulgance that entered into the body of Anasuya, matured in her womb. Bhagwan who is unborn became a son to Anasuya to fulfil His promise. On the full moon day in Margashirsha, Bhagwan took incarnation from the womb of Anasuya as Kalagni-Samana Gods were showering flowers at this most sacred and auspicious event. The Lord of the world appeared with three faces, 1) as the Moon, 2) Datta with all aspects of vishnu 3) Durvasa with the aspects of Siva, all the three faces combined in one. Atri and Anasuya were extremely happy to be blessed by Bhagwan Dattatreya becoming their loving dear child. HE was delighting his holy mother Anasuya feeding himself from her breasts As he grew up HE was giving exhilarating and unbounded pleasure and joy to his parentis by his sports, endearing himself immensely to them. Worshipping this incarnation would remove all ditficulties and fulfil all desires.

dattatreya avatar parampara The 4th incarnation of the "Kalagni shamana." dattatreya avatar parampara The 4th incarnation of the "Kalagni shamana." Reviewed by Tejaraj K on July 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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