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dattatreya avatar parampara the 7th incarnation of "siddharaja"

The 7th incarnation of "siddharaja"

       Leela Viswambhara concealed His real form and roamed about and came to Badri Vana. There were many Siddhas. Having been endowed with Siddhis they were indulging in fulfilling their desires, with lust, anger and egoism playing a powerful part. Among them were naked. non naked, silent, and non-silent, apparently immersed in meditation and at times were hotly discussing the comparison of the Siddhis of one with another. Bhagawan came and sat behind them. They mistook him to be also one of their tribe. Though they were amazed to see His effulgency, charmful form, they could not recognise him. Then ensued questions by them and answered by Bhagawan Dattatreya. (1 "Who are you ?", I am of unrecognizable form" (2) "Which your refuge ?" i am without a refuge, without a Master (3)"Who is your Guru ?" "have no Guru" (4) What is the Yoga you practise " am without any action," Mine is Chitta-yoga" (5) "What is your path ?" ' Not accessible to others, it is of nature of pure Bliss. What is your Mudra?My Mudra is Niranjani."

      While these questions and answerswere going on, urprisingly, Rudras, Vasus, Adityas and Marutis traversing the aerial-path suddenly felt a tremendous down-ward pull and were found impeded in their travel. The several Siddhas noticing it, each one was vainly claiming that it was due to the power of his Siddhi Bhagawan who remained a silent spectator, after a time said" Among you, whosoever by his Siddhi could cause their fall, should be able also to cause them go up. So let each one of you try and that would easily settle the matter whose Siddhi is more powerful." They all tried one by one asking the impeded Vasus, Adityas and Maruts experiencing down pull to go up But none worked. Then the silent Bhagawan said "Oh! You Rudras, Vasus, Adityas and Maruts, you go unimpeded." The Siddhas found to their utter consternation the word of the sage sitting behind them worked out and all
of them continued their aerial travel. All the Siddhas felt ashamed and instantly realised that he is no other than Lord Dattatreya, the Supreme Power. They reverentially bowed down to him and beseeched His anugraha. Bhagawan then said "I am the supreme yogin, the God of Gods. the perfect Purusha,
Omniscient I am pleased with you. Ask any boon from me," They prayed to Him in all reverence." Give us the Yoga of yours and entire devotion to you". Bhagawan pleased with their humility and egolessness, bestowed upon them supreme knowledge in the form of mantras (hymns) with their
seeds "Beejakshara." This wonderful form of "Siddharaja," most auspicious for meditation, it appeared before them on the full-moon day of Magha constellation, on Thursday. They Worshipped and derived Kaivalya, the goal of life.

dattatreya avatar parampara the 7th incarnation of "siddharaja" dattatreya avatar parampara the 7th incarnation of "siddharaja" Reviewed by Tejaraj K on July 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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