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dattatreya avatar parampara the 6th incarnation of "Leela vishvambhara"

The 6th incarnation of "leela vishvambhara"

      Sri Datta's Sri Avatar is the love and immense compassion of children. Once in the world there was a terrible famine. Animals did not get water and food, they argued. Citizens were bullied by thieves and robbers. The homa hawans ceased to perform their daily rituals. They all surrendered to Sri Dattatreya, who was in the bosom of the deity. Daughters dissolved into their prayers as 'Leela Vishwambhara' before them, alleviating their lack of food and clothing. Then he told the devotees, "This life is like a great forest. The mountain of pride is surrounded by trees, vines and plants. Lust is like a fierce lion; wrath is like a snake. Then the scene was gone. Shri Dutt smiled at the devotees asking where the fearful forest disappeared. “Hey soul To? He asked. In response, Sridat replied, "I can find myself with good deeds and unique devotion."

      The incarnation of yogijana Vallabha, gives accomplishment, in yoga to yogins. living in their midst. Sri Datta in the form of Kalagni - samana sitting on the lap of his dear mother Anasuya in the form of an exquisite child, sports, lovingly to the great delight of his mother. While Bhagwan was thus
sporting, once, sages, and mankind were suffering miserably due to excessive rains, HE stopped the great deluge and by His power provided them with food and protected them from the hallowing havoc of torrential rains He showed them out of Magnanimous compassion, multifarious cosmic forms, as "Leela Viswambhara." They were overwhelmed by the wonderful experiential opportunity they had. All praised "Leela
Viswambhara" in great ecstasy. His form was casting such a spell of attraction and admiration, that their only wish was to eternally stay with him and be constantly feasting the charmful beauty of his appearance.

      Leela Viswambhara at times
found, teaching Vedas to his disciples, at times immersed in deep Samadhi, Once Datta (Leela Viswambhara) transformed the worldly existence into a
veritable forest; Ego became a mountain, desire a lion, wrath the
horses, mind the lake, rituals the trees. abounded with fruits. Having
shown the forest, Bhagwan said,"
This forest is tormenting. The fruits
very charming and attractive. But on discrimination they do not deserve to be possessed they are poisonous and fatally dangerous. one desirous of well-being should not stay for long as desireto
possess the fruits would become irressistable. But they did not
listen to and avoid remaining in proximity to delusion and they
secretly were enjoying, eating the fruits, so enticing to them."
When this was going on Bhagwan disappeared. The sages and
men began to erave for them and grieve when they could not
get him, sufficiently, to satisfy their longing. All this submerged
them in utter misery.

        Bhagawan took pity and put an end to that illusory forest. Then Bhagwan Datta appeared They were pleasantly
wonder struck to see Him once again and asked him "Bhagwan where is the forest and the fruits?" Bhagawan laughed and
said" The forest and the fruits went where from they have come," the wordly existence is also like this It is enticing bringing only misery. One should be aware of its transient nature and should shun them and turn their minds to acquire the knowledge of the self, the treasure of eternal Bliss". Realising
the great significance in the words of the Lord, they asked" 'O Bhagawan, What is self? How shall we know it, Kindly take pity on us and instruct us and, You are our saviour, you are truly our refuge". Then Datta replied, "I am the Self of ail. I am known by unflinching desire and devotion towards me. Then they asked, "How shall we obtain salvation? We are eager to remain in your benign presence and obtain the enlightenment required for self-realisation. Kindly be gracious and help us. We cannot live without seeing you and remaining in your presence even, for a moment". Bhagawan saw their attachment and wanted to teach them that attachment is inimical to realisation through Yoga. Suddenly Bhagawan disappeared immersing himself in a lake nearby. Their attachment for him was so strong they remained on the bank for hundred years with the fond hope of his emerging out of the lake once again. Lo! Bhagawan came out of the water of the lake with an illusory lady on his lap engaged in wine drinking. Bhagawan thought that they would be beguiled to see their Bhagawan in such degraded state and leave him in sheer disgust. A few only remained realising that what they are seeing is only a veil
spread out by Bhagawan to test their earnestness, to rise up and
obtain the goal of life, self-realisation. Thus thay were fortunate to be instructed and they followed meticulously the
instructions keeping in view of the various temptations and pitfalls that they would encounter in their spiritual march of journey beforereaching thedestination successfully. thisincarnation took place on Pushya constellation on Wednesdayat the time of sun-rise. One should worship Him in this formof Leela Viswambhara and is sure of reaching the highest stag of self-realisation.
dattatreya avatar parampara the 6th incarnation of "Leela vishvambhara" dattatreya avatar parampara the 6th incarnation of "Leela vishvambhara" Reviewed by Tejaraj K on July 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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