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dattatreya avatar parampara The 3rd incarnation of "Dattatreya"

The 3rd incarnation of 'Dattatreya'

      He is as blue as the Indra sapphire. His mouthpiece is like the moon spreading peace. In his four hands are the conch, chakra, gada and padma. The whole body is littered with incense in the head. He proclaimed that he was Dattom. Goddess Atri and Anasuya pleaded that we would not have peace until you were born as our son. Atri enters Maharishi's body in the form of Dattan's divine Jyothi, pleased with his devotion. Then Anasuya was born as the son of Devi.

bhagwan who had appeared to grant the boon to atri said "i am pleased by your devotion and anasuya's service ask any boon you desire". having listened to these gracious words of bhagwan, atri looked at anasuya and folding his hands he said, "I have nothing to ask for anything in heaven or earth. if you are pleased give us a sun like you and i desire nothing else". then bhagwan thought that there is none like me in qualities, compassion, for-giveness, beauty and merit and no better, I offer my self to be your son". Having resolved thus assumed his Satvik form and disappeared. True to His promise he appeared before atri and anasuya in a divine form on friday, the second of the dark half of karthika in mruga constellation. this devine form was of the world teacher, a store of wisdom, dear to the yogins. Atri meditated upon this auspicious form and prostrated before the lord with his wife Anasuya and said "True you have given yourself to us knowing my mind. But we are not satisfied as we want a son born to ourselves. i pray therefore, you should born as our procreated sun and let this most auspicious divine form remain on the earth for the upliftment of the people" having heard this. Bhagwan replied "let it be so". Thus this jagat guru has remained on the earth in that very form for the enlightenment of his devotees. Bhagwan dattatreya may bestow his anugraham and grant the desires of his devotees.

dattatreya avatar parampara The 3rd incarnation of "Dattatreya" dattatreya avatar parampara The 3rd incarnation of "Dattatreya" Reviewed by Tejaraj K on July 01, 2019 Rating: 5

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