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Datta Kavacha and Its Description

Datta kavacha
datta kavacham

Sri pada pathu me padhou, ooru sidhasana sthitha,
Paya digambharo guhyam NARA hari pathu could Katim. 1
Let my feet be protected by Sri Pada,
Let he UN agency sits o the throne of Sidhas shield my thigh,
Let him UN agency garments with the direction shield my genitals,
Let God NARA Simha shield my hip.

Nabhim pathu jagath srushto, dharam pathu dharodhara,
Krupalu pathu hrudayam, Shad bhuja pathu could Bhujou. 2
Let my abdomen be protected by creator of the planet,
Let my bone marrow be protected by he UN agency bears the univalve,
Let the sort hearted one shield my heart,
Let the six two-handed one shield my arms.

Skakkundi soola damaru sankha chakra dhara karam,
Pathu kantam Kambhu kante Sumukham pathu could Mukham. 3
Let him UN agency holds pitcher, trident, drum, univalve and wheel shield my arms,
Let my neck be protected by he UN agency encompasses a univalve like neck,
Let the pleasant moon-faced one shield my face.

Jihwam could Veda Vak pathu, nethrom could pathu divya druk,
Nasikam pathu gandathma, pathu punya srava sruthi. 4
Let he UN agency talks Vedas shield my toungue,
Let my Eyes be Protected  by the one, With divine Vision
Let the soul of shoe shield my nose,
Let my ears be protected by he UN agency encompasses a blessed name.

Laltam pathu hamsathma, Sira pathu Jatadhara,

Karmendriyani Patveesa, Pathu jnanedrayan aaja. 5
Let the one whose soul is in high step of meditation shield my forehead,
Let my head be protected by the one UN agency has matted hair,
Let my body components to try and do action be protected by God,
Let my components collaborating in intellect, be protected by he UN agency isn't born.

Sarvatharontha karanam prana could pathu Yogi raat,
Uparishta dadathyascha prashtatha parswathogratha. 6
Let the king of sages shield every type of my within and soul,
And Over and higher than no matter is left similarly what's close to and within the front.

Anthar bahischa maam nithyam nana roopa dharovathu,
Varjitham kavechenovyath sthanam could Divya Hinduism. 7
Let him UN agency will take any type shield daily what's within and what's out,
And let the God with the divine vision shield no matter has been missed by this armour.

Rajatha shathrutho himsrath dushprayogadhitho gatha,
AAdhi vyathi bhaya aarthibhyo Dathathrya sadha avathu. 8
L Rajatha shathrutho himsrath dushprayogadhitho gatha,
AAdhi vyathi bhaya aarthibhyo Dathathrya sadha avathu. 8 et Dathathreya guard Maine from king, enemy,
Cruel folks and people UN agency misuse power,
As well as worry, disease, worry and greed.

Dhana Dhanya graham kshethra Sthri puthra pasu kinkaran,
Gnathimscha pathu could Nithya Anasuya Ananda Vardhana. 9
Let The god UN agency will increase the happiness of Anasuya,
Protect my cash, grains, homr, field, wife, son, oxen and servants,
As well as all the members of my kinship group daily.

Bala unmatha pisachabho dhuvit sandhishu pathu maam,
Bhootha bouthika mruthyubhyo Hari pathu Digambara. 10
From powerful exuberant devils, dangerous paramours,let the saint shield Maine,
Let The Hari UN agency dresses himself by the sky,
Protect the physical and non secular aspects similarly as death.

Ya yetha drutha kavacham sannahyath bhakthi bhavitha,
SArva anartha nirviktho Graha peeda vivarjitha. 11
He UN agency wears this armour with the spirit of devotion,
Will get obviate all dangers similarly because the issues caused by planets.

Bhootha pretha pisachadwaira devair apya parajitha,
Bhukthyathaa divyaan bhogan, militia dehanthe Thath padam vrujeth. 12
Devils, ghosts, dangerous wandering souls similarly as gods with enmity would get defeated,
And they'd fancy divine pleasures and at the top they would reach you.

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