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Effortless Meditation

Effortless Meditation
effortless meditation

      Before we have a tendency to see a way to meditate, we'd wish to clarify one in every of the largest myths regarding meditation. informative this story can really assist you perceive a way to meditate.

The myth
     Most people are underneath the impression that meditation is concentration. we are saying meditation isn't concentration. In fact, meditation is that the art of doing nothing. Concentration is barely a by-product of meditation

So, however can we learn this art of doing nothing?

How to meditate?
There are some ways you'll meditate, however one in every of the best ways that to meditate (especially once you are a beginner) is thru a guided  meditation. in an exceedingly guided  meditation, you would like to sit down along with your eyes closed and follow the directions you hear.
To be able to meditate on your own, you'll learn meditation from a trained knowledgeable. you may be part of a Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Program. To deepen your expertise of meditation, you'll keep the subsequent 3 notions in mind whenever you sit to meditate.

  1. i need nothing – you’re golf shot aside all of your needs, as well as the requirement for a “good” meditation. You don’t need to grasp or arrange something.
  2. i'm doing nothing – abandoning of all effort.
  3. i'm nothing – abandoning of all the labels you set on yourself regarding World Health Organization you're.

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Program
      The Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Program teaches you one in every of the foremost easy and effective ways that to meditate. during this style of meditation, a private mantra is given to you by the meditation knowledgeable. The mantra permits the mind to relax effortlessly and abandoning of all stress. active Sahaj Samadhi meditation frequently alleviates you from stress-related issues, deeply relaxes the mind and rejuvenates the system. touch three days, the 6-hour Sahaj Samadhi Meditation may be a specially crafted meditation to assist you faucet into your unlimited potential by diving deep at intervals yourself.

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