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Sri Hanuman upasana and spiritual Practice.

Sri Hanuman upasana and spiritual Practice.
Sri Hanuman upasana and spiritual Practice.

      Deity Hanuman (Maruti) has intense need to achieve Shriram. this implies attaining His grace. a similar need is gift in each human’s heart within the variety of God-Realisationin a manifest or unmanifest type. The manifest intense need is analogous to immortal Hanuman’s type. so immortal Maruti is subtly gift in each person’s heart. allow us to see however the non secular follow of a seeker is analogous to immortal Hanuman, qualities of immortal Hanuman and incidents from immortal Hanuman’s life and their purpose.

Spiritual follow of a seeker ( upasana) and its reference to Shri Hanuman

Chanting (namjap)
Deity Maruti, World Health Organization is gift within the mind, offers thoughts to the embodied soul’s mind concerning intonation Shriram’s chant and regarding non secular follow.

The Company of Truth (satsang)
Deity Maruti has associate degree intense need to satisfy God. immortal Maruti , World Health Organization is incredibly desperate to meet Shriram, loses awareness of the body once the Ramayan is being recited or within the hunt for devotees of Shriram. equally once immortal Maruti  , World Health Organization is gift within the mind, develops associate degree intense need to satisfy God then such associate degree embodied soul additionally develops associate degree intense need for meeting God or Guru. Such associate degree embodied soul might not have a vision of Guru or God however starts feeling the necessity to attend satsangs then starts attending them.

Service to the reality (satseva)
Deity Maruti, World Health Organization is gift within the mind, feels intense love for God and so he's perpetually engrossed within the service (seva) of God. In such associate degree embodied soul, the service perspective (seva–bhav) is manifested at each moment. once associate degreey embodied soul has an intense need for God’s love then immortal Maruti graces him.

Spiritual Love (priti)
Deity Maruti sees God in everything, that is, He gets a vision of Shriram in everybody, thanks to His intense love for God. He performs seva with associate degree perspective that everybody could be a variety of Shriram. As a result, by serving everybody he's serving Shriram’s expansive type, with devotion. once the embodied soul develops associate degree intense need to satisfy God, a need that is quite the need to survive, then he becomes just like the Chaatak bird (who solely drinks the purest rain water or goes thirsty). Like immortal Maruti, he additionally starts seeing God in everything and starts feeling priti for everybody.

Following morality (Dharmacharan)
Deity Maruti performs each action, at each moment, with devotion and follows morality. so Shriram’s energy gets activated mechanically once necessary. As a results of the energy of Dharma, evildoers expertise distress within the presence of immortal Maruti. the explanation behind attend immortal Maruti   (who has earned energy through following righteousness) is to achieve the energy of Dharma by being devoted like Him. The embodied soul that starts attend and being devoted at each moment, like immortal Maruti, additionally gets the energy of Dharma and devotion. As a results of this energy, the embodied soul will face every kind of attacks within the gross and also the refined. within the presence of immortal Maruti, destroyer energy and Chaitanya ar emitted from Him. they need a bearing on every kind of distressing energies in Patal and Bhulok , and their energy reduces.

Establishment of the Divine kingdom
When associate degree embodied soul’s devotion will increase, a Divine kingdom is established in his heart. Such associate degree embodied soul will then establish a Divine kingdom outwardly additionally. we've got to activate the immortal Maruti at intervals india. by exasperating our non secular follow. solely then will we tend to establish a Divine kingdom, internally and outwardly.

Shri Hanuman upasana – Qualities of Lord Hanuman one will develop

Intense religion within the chant
      Deity Hanuman had intense religion that the mantra will everything. To conform Saint Vishwamitra ‘s order, Shriram had to conduct a battle with immortal Hanuman. He targeted immortal Hanuman and sent several arrows towards Him. immortal Hanuman unbroken intonation Shriram’s name ceaselessly throughout this. thanks to His devotion towards Shriram’s chant, immortal Hanuman wasn't hurt even once Shriram‘s arrows sped towards Him. additionally He crossed the ocean and reached Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka simply thanks to His intense religion within the chant.

Not obtaining connected to the manifest type
Deity Hanuman has additional unmanifest (Nirgun) principle then manifest (Sagun) principle. he's loyal to the principle and to not the person. so He performed seva given by Shrikrushna with complete religion.

Strict follower of abstinence
Deity Hanuman could be a strict follower of abstinence from sexual commerce with ladies, for the total term of His life.

Making prayers with none worldly expectations
Shriram talented Angad with prince-hood and gave kingdoms to Sugriv and Vibhishan. He additionally gave valuable presents to several people however didn't provide something to immortal Hanuman. once Shriram offered a boon to immortal Hanuman, He prayed to Shriram, ‘O God, please provide ME an area at your feet. Let your presence be in my heart at each moment. Let ME perpetually get opportunities to serve You.’ This shows U.S. that immortal Hanuman doesn't have any worldly expectations.

Free from attachment
Once god Sita talented Him with a golden jewellery, He stony-broke that jewellery speech communication, ‘these beads don't contain Shriram.’ He needed solely Shriram.

Performing fight whereas intonation
Not having any doubts
Having a servant-like perspective
Performing activities that are on the far side information
Performing devotion that is on the far side information
Usage of Brahmatēj  and Kshātratēj as per necessity

Deity Hanuman wears jānavē (a sacred thread that is worn by priests), that could be a image of Brahmatej . immortal Hanuman  has the flexibility to destroy as he's associate degree incarnation of immortal Shiva. As He worships Shrīvishnu, He has Shrivishnu (saviour) principle likewise. so He has each destroyer and saviour principles. thus throughout a battle, as per necessity, He utilises Brahmatejand Kshatratej. At the time of the battle between Kouravs and Pandavs, Shrikrishna asked immortal Hanuman to sit down on prime of Arjun’s chariot. so once there have been any attacks of arrows or alternative weapons on Arjun’s chariot or on Arjun himself, immortal Hanuman destroyed those arrows and weapons within the air, before they reached their target.

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