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Teachings of Guru.

Teachings of Guru.

Teachings of Guru

• Always worry about the Lord.

• The mercy of the Lord extends to all.

• We become great if we are not distracted when asked.

• It is the nature of saints to do good to others.

• We must dedicate everything to God and be free from worry.

• There is no value in this world for abuse or praise.

• If physical wealth is the riches of the common people, then its deprivation is the wealth of the wise.

• If a bad instinct is pushing you to harm, it should outweigh the male effort.

• When we have the ability to help others, we must make good use of it.

• The truth should be played and the words loved and made for the benefit of others.

• Identify good qualities in someone else, not imagine or look for deficiencies.

• Donations not only bring joy to others but also greatly contribute to the spiritual prosperity of the donor.

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