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Samrat (great) "Varuna" among the Gods

Samrat (great) "Varuna" among the Gods

Samrat (great) "Varuna" among the Gods

      Swelling is the natural law of all matter in the world. For the fire to be hot, for the water to be cold, for the sun to rise, for the time to come, and for the seasons to come one by one, the rivers join the sea, so that in the physical world, men and women can be reconciled to one another, Duty. This is why Vedaway says that he was called menstruation, why menstruation, and purity. The whole world is tightened with this symbolic varuna. (Asidad Vishwa Bhuvanani Samrat Vishwetthani Varunasya Vratani || Ouk Samhita 8th Mandala, So.42). The word 'samrat' in angels is meant for him. This is he who set fire in the water, the sun in the sky, and the sun in the mountains. He is the one who made the great journey to the sun; The Divine Code (2-1-7-4) and (Ouk Code 1-25-8) say that he was the one who divided the seasons into 12 months a year. The man who regulates the flood is described as comparing the swelling above to the rivers. His command is to run rivers. (Ouk Code 2-8-4). He is said to have the power to run this strange world, and this power is often said to be his magic. It has been used in a very good sense (not in the sense of an illusion), as is the power of philanthropy. The Rukh Code (5-8-5) also states that the rivers are fast approaching but the sea is not filled. Moreover, the rivers are all the wives of Varuna, the Code of Taittiriya (7-5). The Taittirtha Code (7-4) states that the Mitravans are the ones who use the water. Why Mitravarunu wa apam netarou.

       In addition to figurative language, there are also explicit explanations that the varuna's inscriptions are firmly established. A flying bird, a flowing river, and any animal that passes by, its boundaries cannot be overpowered. No one can tolerate his anger. Varuna is omniscient. Trikala Gnani. He is looking at the facts. In a life of inner revelation, man can hide nothing. He condemns sinners who violate the law and imposes cruel punishment. But these things bind the infinite. That's the opposite of why. This is not even close to the truth. This romance of the rope-tied without rope is strange.

       Varuna was also capable of some form of detention and murder. If the unrepentant sinner repents, he will be freed from the sin and heal the sin. And he can deliver him from the sins of a human ancestor. Forgiveness, even if he forgets the swelling. This is a doctor. He can cure diseases both mentally and physically. So much so, that the glory of this One, who can be both a Savior and an Eater, is too little.

Samrat (great) "Varuna" among the Gods Samrat (great) "Varuna" among the Gods Reviewed by Tejaraj K on December 30, 2019 Rating: 5

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