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earth, nature, What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth?

What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth?
What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth?
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      There are 7.6 billion people on earth. Don't you think that all people are lost in maintaining nature despite all the people? We are one of them. Is It Possible by One? Every day we see so many people in different places. But most of them are strangers. The tragedy of human history is that even strangers nowadays become strangers. Whenever it comes to nature conservation, we speak of nature as rape, insecurity, etc. Is there no human need on earth then? If so how is it? What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth? That is a problem.

      Many disasters are caused by the disappearance of humans on Earth. Most importantly, vehicles, such as aircraft, trains, etc., all crashed or crashed out of their seats without drivers.
      Power cuts across the entire globe within an hour of humans disappearing. Because the current coal, air, and water-based power system is under human supervision. So if the humans disappear, the supply without the management system will stall.

      All nuclear reactors shut down the next day when humans disappear. This is because all computers without an operator to shut them down shut down. So even the short nuclear power that was there would be cut off. Roads are biko without people. Pets and animals in the museum die without food. Wild animal predation is on the rise. Ten days after humans disappear, the security of nuclear power plants fails. Radiations are released. Wildlife in the area die from radiation. Some pests dominate. In the shops and malls, the rat, footwear expands the empire. Within a few years, all of the cities have been transformed into natural theme parks. Everywhere trees look like heaps of leaf, flower and trash. The wooden tombs on the sides of the road are very stretched. All the satellites we send into space cease collecting data after thirty years without maintenance. In the space, the rattlesnakes move like a rattle. Houses and skyscrapers collapse. All coastal cities are submerged in the sea. All of the ships fall into the ocean floor. Convert to new mounds. Global warming will continue for 40 years despite our absence. Earth's temperature rises to 1.1 Fahrenheit. Yet there are no changes in the environment. After 60 years the number of fish in the sea will increase. After 150 years all the habitable areas will turn into forests. Buildings in Vancouver's icy areas have been transformed into a skeleton. Desert cities like Las Vegas look like giant sand castles.
     After 230 years the vegetation on the earth will increase. Huge forests are being built. All man-made landmarks on earth are gradually destroyed. Only certain metals, such as plastic and iron, are evidence of human existence.

      After 500 years, all the forests are rich in 10,000 years of health. The natural environment eventually succeeds in erasing all traces of humanity. Plastic objects that are the epitome of our existence still remain intact after 25,000 years. Tell us now, at least 7.6 billion, should we be one? It takes more than 25,000 years to disguise the fact that humans were on Earth. So let's live in a way that does not pose any threat to the earth for years to come.
      Humans on Earth can suddenly be concealed only by weapons of mass disease, famine, weather and mass destruction. It is only after human extinction that the shackles of caste and religion can be wiped out of the earth. With the advancement of science and technology, human life has gained momentum, with no benefit to the remaining biomass.

R.B. Gurubasavaraja
earth, nature, What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth? earth, nature, What if all of a sudden all humans disappear from the earth? Reviewed by Tejaraj K on January 20, 2020 Rating: 5

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