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How to win this world? (In spirituality)

How to win this world? (In spirituality)
How to win this world? (In spirituality)

        See the sovereign alone within creation. He lives and knows everything as his soul. He lives the life of the world without the ugliness of mind. He works hard to make everyone Mars.

       It is customary to call the sovereign the conqueror who conquered the vast territory and brought it under his rule. The stories of the sovereigns thus implicated remain in the pages of history. But they never retained that title forever. Throughout life, he has suffered the fear of failure, has spent life with anxiety, and has put bodyguards on the sidelines and a sword in the shed as if waiting for death.

       A person cannot be sovereign unless he is free from the insanity of his feelings. How can one who does not win himself, win the world? In the outer world, a man can be recognized for his bravery, recognizing himself as an emperor, but does his inner self accept it? Will not the evil done, the blunders, the scourges of war burn in him? He is restless, unable to cope with the turmoil inside him.

      So a person is not sovereign in view of their success in public. A person's inner self must be free from worries and fears. Be free from haunting lust. You can earn a high degree of respect in society. But it is not easy to excel in creation. There are certain special qualities that a person can achieve. Such an achiever understands all of creation as his soul. Although living on earth as an animal and as a bird, he sees it as a separate entity.

       The mother gives birth to her children as part of her own life. Similarly, the sadhaka strives for the advancement of the Sarva and is engaged in doing good works. And he is always very present. He is sober without being subjected to such emotions as lust, rage and arrogance. No external attractions can make him impulsive. The senses are not susceptible to the illusion of fleeting pleasure. So he quietly confronts the world's miseries. No one can be distracted by any adverse situation. He maintains his share of duties.

       When universality and universality are inherent in this way, the individual becomes the sovereign he has won. He wishes for the good of the world, seeking a sophistication and worldlessness. He enlightens everyone with the courage, wisdom and compassion of the world to accomplish the stated good.

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