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Varuna, the pioneer of all knowledge

Varuna, the pioneer of all knowledge

Varuna, the pioneer of all knowledge

       The glory of Varuna, the protector and eater Vasishtha is the chief among the Vedic sages who have praised such a Varuna. It is for this reason that he is known by the name Maitravarni. It is very common that he praises Mitra and Varuna in the opulence. The heroes who took over Varuna. The wishes that have made him so eager to look at him are heartbreaking: how can I stand up to Varuna, the body of God, and have a conversation with him? How can I pierce his heart? Who is my gracious sea, and hears my praise? Elay Varuna, what is the sin that I have not received from your witness? You have to tell yourself. When I asked the sages who were enlightened to know this, they said that Varunadeva was angry with me; Hey Varunadeva! Why would you want to kill me because of my great sin? Tell me the nature of my sin; And deliver me from the sins of the ancestors, and from the sins which I have committed in my body. Free me from thine own heart, that the thief may repent of his labor, and give the grass to the cattle; I am not one who has deliberately sinned. Liquor, rage, ill-will, ignorance, and stupidity - which are the motives for our sin as human beings - dull our intellect. The tongue is powerless, but you are strong. Dreaming also leads to sin. You must leave me there free. You are the bearer of the world, the husband of the world, and all the Gods. Let this fit of mine melt your heart. Let us destroy the forces that are our nuisances. May our relationship be pleasant and auspicious.

       Varuna has been described as having a number of chakras, the greatest form of all-world power, and he is looking for all the worlds. He is a universal virtuoso, a philanthropist, and his 21 variants, a word that encompasses all three positions: chest, throat, head, and the noble, the virtuous, the apprentice, the self-taught to the noble, the mystic, the mystic. (Mandala 7, Soo 87, Mantra 4).

       The body is like a wooden sail. It is described in many ways as Varuna and Vasishta, climbing together and playing in the midst of the swelling of the sea. The symbolic meaning is evident in the prayers of the Vasistas who have telephoned Varuna to take him home from the mud house. (7-89-1).

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