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What god expects of a man.

What does the Lord want from believers?

What does the Lord want from believers

       When the question of what the Lord wants in the minds of the common people in this world comes from - a huge list of worshipers, enthusiasts, crowns, arches, golden chariots, towers, etc.

       The scene of Bhagavatam comes in the context of Rukmini, Satyabhama. There, when Satyabhama fails to try to carry the Tulabhara with all his ornaments, Dhanakanas, before the Tulabhara is arranged to please their God, Lord Krishna; As soon as Rukmini sets aside all the jewelery, dhanas, kanakas, diamonds and puranas in the same place with a lot of devotion and diligence, the weight will outweigh the Supreme Lord Krishna. Thus, what is the weight of overcoming the Lord with just one bastion of piety? It is nothing else but pure devotion.

      Lord Shri Ramakrishna describes the matter as follows. Once Shambhu Mallika (a rich man of the time) said: ‘My wish is to put all my riches in the footsteps of the Lord. The Lord wants - knowledge, devotion, wisdom, vairagya of the devotees. This festival, service, etc., is for our discretion only. The Lord wants pure devotion, pure heart.

      Sri Ramakrishna was not just preaching, but his life was the epitome of his preaching. Paramahansare also mentioned that their devotional life is an example of pure devotion. He was working on such a tough achievement to witness Bharathani Darusha. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa tells Vijaya about the Bhagavatprama in this way. Love in the Lord means Karma sacrifice, which leaves Himself. If the Lord is doing karma in anyone's hands, let them do whatever they want.

      Now is the time to sacrifice everything for you, renounce all things and say: You are the only two of us, Lord Darshan. Devotion to be so. Like a husband's loyalty to a husband, a devotee has loyalty. Devotion to the heart, then, grows. Pure devotion, it is very hard, but not impossible! When this kind of devotion, prana, mind, is absorbed in the Lord. This is the state of the true devotee. '' When Paramahamsa is conveying this kind of devotion to a devotee, a devotee poses the question with humility: 'O Lord, what kind of distress do we have?' That means there was distraction.

       A teacher told his disciple; Come on, I will show you, what kind of distraction can the Lord realize? He says, 'Take him to a pool, plunge the disciple into the water, and hold him in the water.' After a few moments he heard him lift up; What was your life while in the water? Siramakrishna says that the same should be the longing to see the devotee.

      The Paramahansa continues to inform; It is absolutely necessary to love the Lord. Devotion is the essence. I need nothing, please pray for me to have pure devotion in your footsteps. One must pray to Lord Almighty to get out of this samsara bondage.

      The number of people who go to temples, shrines and monasteries is very rare in this world. Everyone has their own selfish demands. In order to fulfill these demands, the people undertake worship, service, enthusiasts in various ways. But the Lord does not need any of this. If the devotee performs pure deity, pure devotion, pure love, achievement, prayer, and complexity, the Lord will most lovingly accept it.

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