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Why and how are wise men to be adversaries?

Why and how are wise men to be adversaries?
Why and how are wise men to be adversaries

        The brahmin, the goose, the elephant, the dog and the dog-eater, the vidyavanayas - all of them wise men, are all-in-one, the only one.

(Vidyavanayasampanne Brahmane Gavi Hastini | Shuni Chaiva Shwapake Cha Panditasar | This shloka is to be understood from both a business and otherworldly point of view. Spiritualists see the soul in all outside beings. Table, chair, couch, couch are all different when viewed in terms of wood. Similarly, scholars experience the spirit of all beings. They have only the appearance of the self that is the root of all things. For all the different forms of sugar, the nam-form is the same thing as sugar, sweetness. Similarly, the meditation of various deities is the same as the meditation of the Brahmanas. But let's not forget the business vision.

        The one who is in the grave is the only person who sees the Parabrahma. When he comes out of the grave he walks like a normal. Sri Sankara, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Sriramana Maharishi reached the stage of death but did not leave the business world. Once, Sri Ramakrishna asked his nephew, Hadaraman, how much the seven rupees pension money he was getting. The reason is (business vision) that his mother, Chandramani Devi, had promised Saradhamata that his son would give them gold. Paramahansa asked him to do it.

       Bodybuilding can only be done during business hours. A third emotion can also be included here. Kalimati orders Sriramakrishna to be sentimental. Emotion is like standing on the threshold of home. Looking inside the house on the one hand, and on the other hand. These sentient beings may be in the grave they want at any moment, or perhaps even in the business world. Not to forget the business vision as a whole. Paramahansa describes it with beautiful illustration.

       Though Narayana is everyone, nobody comes forward to embrace Tiger Narayana. While it is true that the tiger is Narayana, business knowledge is essential. He who embraces the tiger as a Samaritan will become one with the tiger (eaten by the tiger) and become one with it. In practice there should be a gap between the two (otherworldly and mundane).

      Paramahansa will give another example. There are many kinds of water in the world. The most sacred and pure Ganges is suitable for all kinds of use. Don't drink the rag water. But can be used for dishwasher-washing. The sewage water is messy. Their differences, however, cannot be denied. Paramahansa tells the story of elephant-mango.

      Once the gurus teach the disciples,disciple took this seriously. Madaweri was involved in violence for an elephant. Then the maw was loud, warning him to move away. While the pupil was counting that the elephant and I had the same Narayana, the elephant came and took him away. Upon being struck down, he brought him to the ashram and fed him. When he woke up, he said, "Why did you do this?" For that, pupil, why do you have Narayana in everything? As the Guru understands it, Narayana was not only in you, but in that mammal. Why did you not hear that mawatha Narayana said? Be very careful in business life. Other than the direct experience.

      Once, the saint Eknaths came from Kashi to take Gange and anoint Rameshwara Linga. Believe that this is very rewarding. On the way, it was very hot on the banks of Godavari. Thirst for everyone. Then a donkey falls from a thirst and dies. Then the monks poured the river into its mouth and brought it to life. His disciples had to take Gange to Lord Anoop. Put it down to this donkey?

       I have not wasted water. Rameshwara has anointed the Lord here. Their vision is different. He found Shiva in the donkey and thought that the water he had drunk for it was Abhishek. The dog comes and bites a piece of chapatti on a plate while the saint is sitting at dinner. They stand behind it, running with a ghee, as if it were a throat problem. Their mental state is very different.

        Once, Sri Ramakrishna was sitting on the banks of the Ganges. The two men in the boat clapped and shook hands. Hitting one another's back loudly. Paramahamsa sighed painfully. The cause of the blow was on his back, where the fingertips of the fist were marked. Although unrelated fishermen were beaten, this experience became apparent to them as they had the knowledge of Aditya, which was also in their minds at the time. This otherworldly affliction comes when the immortality of the dead. This experience is only in the process of achieving it.

        Whose mind dwells in likeness prevails here (while still alive); This is because Brahma is flawless (Brahma in the Svapakadis is not blamed for its faults) and equally (there is no end in itself); Therefore, they are situated in Brahma (Ihiva Taijeritho sago yesham samyyi statam manaah | There is no rebirth. It is Brahma who is responsible for this. This is well informed by the commentators of Srishankaradi. This is the case in Gautama DharmaSutra. A homemade Brahmin has invited many Brahmins to pay their respects. Some of them are well-educated and living a good life, some have read a couple, many are Brahmins from any studied class. The best way to honor them is to pay tribute to the best, first to the lower classes, and finally to the caste Brahmins. This is classical action. But if done the opposite, it would be a mistake, a sin. When there are differences there should be a practice to differentiate. But this can be said to be an error. The question is whether it is wrong according to the Gautama Dharma Sutras that the panditas, the brahmin, the cow, the elephant, the dog, the dog eater, see all of them equally. In response, Srishankar stated it in the Gautama Dharmashutra, spiritually. The reason for this discrimination is godliness. This is to apply to the most common agnostics I know as the soul (body). Secondly, this is said in a special case of worship. So Vedanta is not applicable here.

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