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    I am Tejaraja k. I am Founder and Owner of "Allinoneinform"
I am a full-time Blogger and I have Created "allinoneinform.com"

to discover ourselves with the help of spirituality..

All in one  "vasudhaiva kutumbakam"


      With the blessing of my guru I share my experience of spirituality, All in one is coined after the concept of 'vasudaiva kutumbakam' to start with and to realize 'Aham Brahmasmi'.

      Bharat called as India is a land of rich culture and civilization. Some thousands of years back world was leading nomadic and hunting life for surviving.  where as India gave many vedas, shastras, upanishads, puranas, Bhagwat gita scriptures to universe.  The above scriptures epitomize the essence, that God (paramatma) lives in all the creations like Plants, Insects, Aquatic , Aerial animals, Humans, stone, soil, wood, Iron, etc., every creation is Brahman. The goal of creation is to realize 'Aham Bhramasmi'.  To start with let us understand the meaning and concept of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam.

Vasudaiva Kutumbakam

Vasudha- ' THE EARTH',
eva- 'INDEED'
"The world is a family "
One is relative, The other stranger
                            say the small minded.
The entire world is family,
                            live the magnanimous.
Lift up your mind, enjoy the fruit of
                            Brahmanic(atma) freedom
                            Maha upanishad. 6. 71-75
(courtesy- wikipedia)
Whole universe is like a gigantic tree, its branches are like different countries yet the root remains the same.
To imbibe the love and compassion for creator, creation and creature, we need the   guidance of an enlightened soul called SadguruParamahamsaAvadhuta.


Thank You.

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